Effective Sound Blocking Tips for Your Musician Room

Decorative acoustic ceiling tiles

Is sound control important to you? Do you want the freedom to work on your musical abilities, without having to worry about complaining neighbors or city ordinances? With some minor planning and household upgrades, you can have your home converted into the perfect musical environment. You will have the ability to practice your music and listen to others music any time you desire.

Low amp music systems
Lower amped music systems are the first step in reducing your noise complaints. Although neighbors can still hear your music through the walls without any other soundproofing techniques, like soundproof wall panels, the frequency and bass will be less. This means that it will be more difficult to hear across walls. The amp settings can be changed based on the time of day, the distance of neighbors, and the type of music. The good thing about the ability to customize the amp level is that you can turn they all the way up when it comes time to perform a show that would benefit from louder music.

Thicker sound isolation walls
Thicker walls keep sounds from traveling across rooms and buildings. Although you may not have control over the type of materials that your buildings walls are made of, you can improve upon them for better sound barrier. Sound isolation wall panels are a great way to reduce the sounds that make it from building to building. They can also reduce the sounds from room to room, which may be beneficial in reducing noise complaints from other family members in the same residence.

Decorate laminate sound isolation wall panels
You do not have to sacrifice design for sound control. Surfaces partially hinder sound waves going from one room to another. The 1% rule states that for every 1% of opening or unobstructed area of a surface, 50% of the sound will make it through. When you use a product like laminate, you are creating a visually appealing room, while also creating the necessary closing of the room. The laminate material is extremely effective in reducing the sounds by also closing off the room.

Acoustic ceiling materials
In addition to your sound isolation wall panels, do not forget to also soundproof the ceiling. Sounds can transfer through the ceiling, just as well as they can through the surrounding walls. The sounds will also transfer through different floors through the ceilings. Using acoustic ceiling materials can drastically reduce the amount of noise that makes it to the upper and lower levels. Even consider using high pressure decorative laminate on your ceilings. The laminate material will look nice, fitting in with the laminate walls, and will effectively block out noises to the local residents.

Acoustic panels require special installation, especially on the ceilings. When using acoustic wedges panels, it is recommended that you purchase 12 by 12 panels with a 2 inch depth curve relief. These do well to absorb low to high frequencies. Some panels come already with an adhesive peel for simple installation. Even though it requires careful installation, it can usually be completed as a DIY project.

Protection to your own ears
When you go through all of the work of soundproofing your music room, you are not only accommodating your complaining neighbors. You are also installing sound insulation panels to protect your own ears. Approximately 15% of Americans (26 million people) between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise at work and during leisure activities. You are often more prone to the damages of loud musical equipment, as you are in the same room. Reduce these damages by sound proofing both the room and your ears.

Musicians often struggle with finding an appropriate place to practice with their musical instruments. Neighbors may complain when noises get high, especially in the middle of the night. You can prevent these complaints and also protect your own hearing by soundproofing your musical room. Use soundproofing items like sound isolation wall panels and laminate ceiling tiles that effectively block out the sounds.

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