DIY Plumbing? More Like DIY Disaster Why You Should Call the Professionals

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If there’s one thing that most people can agree on, it’s that good plumbing makes the world go ’round. Whether you’re in public or in your own home, the sound of a leaky old sink or the sight of a toilet that won’t flush is never something you want to see or deal with. The good news? Commercial plumbers can help you ensure the functionality of your home or office equipment.

If you’re experiencing problems like leaky faucets, you could be wasting water and money! If a faucet leaks at a consistent rate of a drop per second, you could be losing up to 3,000 gallons of water annually. Not only does that waste an extremely large amount of water, it also ends up costing you money! The cost of plumbing repair is more than worth the expense, especially when compared to the amount of money a plumbing problem can cost you.

If your home is older and the plumbing system hasn’t recently been serviced, it may be time for a replacement or major repair. Most plumbing systems over 40 years old require a replacement. However, if you’re aware of the state of plumbing in your home and take steps to perform regular inspection and maintenance, your plumbing could last longer than that! With regular inspection, a plumbing company can fix minor issues and save you a lot of money in the long run.

One of the first things you should look into when buying an older home or building is, in fact, the plumbing system and the areas around it. Many homes and other buildings constructed before 1980 make use of clay plumbing pipes, which can easily be damaged by root systems. If there are trees planted less than 10 feet from any plumbing lines, you should look into calling commercial plumbers to take a look at the state of your pipes and test them for damage or blockages.

While minor leaks can most likely be fixed with a simple wrench, it’s never a bad idea to call plumbing services to come in and take a look. Plumbing repair services exist for a reason, and the integrity of your plumbing should always be a top priority for your home or building.

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