DIY Artificial Grass Install

Fake grass is becoming widely popular throughout domestic gardens. Here’s how to do a fake grass install at home!

1. Prep the area
Dig out the lawn and topsoil to a depth of 100 millimeters.

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2. Edge the area
You can edge the area by using timber or you can edge the area by using a decorative edging block.

3. Sub-base
Roll out the weed membrane and cut it to fit the area. You will then need to use an MLT Type 1. Rake it out evenly across the area.

4. Bedding Layer
This can be made up of organic dust, depending on your preference. Fill it with the material. Screed and compact until its flush with the edge constraint.

5. Weed Membrane
This is the second layer of the weed membrane. This makes it easier to do the fake grass install.

6. Fake grass install
It’s recommended to leave it unwrapped and unrolled for 2-3 hours to let it settle.

7. Cutting the grass
Always take into consideration an additional 5 centimeters of grass on all sides. This leaves enough material to create a perfect H. Use a sharp knife to cut and make sure you cut through the latex backing cloth and not the grass itself. When satisfied, fit the grass to the edge using pan head screws.

8. Joining fake grass
Make sure the edges of the fake grass are joined together perfectly, then lift them up and install grass joining tap underneath.

9. Make finishing touches


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