Common DIY Mistakes Most New Homeowners Make

The largest sin you can commit as a homeowner is attempting a DIY project when you have no experience. Sure, you may think that you’re saving money. But the truth is that you’re actually losing money! You can cause irreparable damage to your home. It’s never worth it in the end. If you wish to avoid this scenario altogether, consider learning about some of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes that people can make!

Painting the bathroom cabinets

Sure, this sounds like a simple project. If your bathroom is looking dull, a fresh coat of paint is the best way to spruce up the area! However, this is probably something you should hire professionals for. Many people believe that choosing the color of your cabinets is the hardest part of painting the cabinets. But this is a popular bathroom and plumbing DIY mistake that a lot of people make. Don’t underestimate this project. There can be a lot of buildup of oil and dirt on these surfaces. You‘ll need to use a degreasing agent before starting the projects. The bathroom is also a tight space, making it quite dangerous. If you’re painting for long, you run the risk of inhaling those toxic fumes. A professional, on the other hand, knows exactly what it takes to get the job done in a fast yet beautiful manner!

Custom jobs

Let’s say you want to widen the shower or convert it into a standing shower. Don’t commit these common DIY plumbing mistakes. There are several ways to go about this. However, this is a project you should call a professional for. The reason being is that most homeowners are inexperienced and can cause a lot of damage to their shower. You can absolutely customize an older bathroom to look modern and glorious! However, you might not have the right tool or the right set of experiences to get the job done. You may have to knock down walls and invest in several new tools. In the end, it’s not worth it. It might not even look as nice as you had envisioned it in your head.

Overtightening connections

Here’s another one of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes that homeowners can make!

If you use too much force when tightening supply tubes, toilet bolts, fittings, and pipes, this can lead to cracks almost immediately. Cracks can even sneak up on you. You may not see the effects of the excessive force you just used. But in a week, the crack can form and lead to a flood in the kitchen!

Overtightening those plastic fittings on your toilet and faucet supply tubes is an even bigger and more common DIY plumbing mistake that newbies make. You don’t need a lot of force to seal these! Mainly because it doesn’t take much torque or force to seal a supply tube. Tightening these bolts too much can also cause the porcelain on the toilet to break!

Using the wrong tape for the project

Plumbers are incredibly trained. Any certified plumber will tell you that in order for Teflon tape to work, one must wrap it around clockwise. Many new homeowners may do the opposite without even realizing it!

The tape will unwind from the threads if it is wrapped incorrectly. It won’t be able to seal in this case, rendering your DIY project useless!

Mold and mildew repair

Taking care of mold and mildew is something else that you should leave to a professional. Many new homeowners will make these dangerous mistakes when attempting to get rid of mold and mildew. Don’t commit these common DIY plumbing mistakes!

Using bleach

It’s easy to assume that bleach will kill every trace of the mold in your basement, bathroom, or attic. But the truth is that mold can often make the problem even worse!

Mold can even come back worse than it originally was! If you use bleach, it will likely change into a white color. When this process happens, it means that you have created a biosphere for the mold to thrive. A pro, on the other hand, will know exactly how to eradicate the mold with little damage done to your home and health. They will even dehumidify the area, so you won’t have to worry about the mold returning to the area!

Mold resistant paint as a form of combat

Mold can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Many people will use a mold-resistant paint and call it a day. While you can cover up the issue momentarily, the long term effects are still there, hiding underneath the paint.

This is not a viable solution!

If you spot the mold in the bathroom, bathroom remodels are not necessary. However, you may need to call a professional to get that mold out of your bathroom!

Not removing it all

DIYers will often miss some of the mold, as it’s their first time undergoing this process. However, when it comes to mold removal, you must be thorough!

Only removing it partially can cause the mold to grow back in certain spots again!

Not cleaning your tools

Cleaning your tools is another important aspect of cleaning up mold.

If you don’t get all the mold off of the utensils before cleaning up again, the mold can spread back to the area you thought you were originally cleaning up!

Not wearing the proper clothing

There are many common DIY plumbing mistakes that pertain to cleaning up your bathroom and getting rid of mold. Not wearing proper clothes is a huge mistake that you can make!

Ensure you’re covered head to toe in the right garments. If the mold gets onto your skin, it can seriously aggravate it and leave it inflamed!

Dishwasher installation

A dishwasher can make your life so much easier! When you have guests over after a long night of entertaining, you can simply pop them into your machine so they can do all the hard work for you. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the first new appliances a homeowner installs upon moving into their own home.

However, the installation process can be harder than you think. Not many people are in agreement, however. There are several homeowners who commit this mistake, along with other common DIY plumbing mistakes on this list.

Don’t be one of them and call a pro who specializes in drain cleaning repairs or dishwasher installation!

Fixing low water pressure issues

Here’s another one of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes. You can try a DIY approach at first. Simply clean all the gunk in the drain. If the water still will not budge and go down the drain, stronger consider calling a plumping repairs specialist.

Fiddling with the sink pipe

If the water in your sink isn’t flowing downwards, you may think it’s a simple fix, right? Perhaps a wad of hair is stuck in the sink pipe. It’s best to call a plumber who has gone to trade school for this very reason. If you are inexperienced, you can cause a lot of damage! Dismantling the pipes can be risky business as they are quite complex. If you disassemble them, you may not be able to put them back together. Some of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes happen because someone believes the project will be a lot easier than it truly is!

Removing walls to get to an issue

If you’re thinking about knocking down the walls in your bathroom to fix a leak or eradicate mold — think again! You can be doing more harm than good if you’re inexperienced!

While you think it may cost more to hire a plumbing and drain cleaning service to solve this issue, it can actually save you money. They may know how to get to the problem without knocking the walls down too!

Waterproofing areas

If you wish to stay one step ahead of the storms and rainfall in your area, water proofing certain areas of your home is a great idea! However, you should absolutely contact a professional before doing so. Get ahold of a plumbing repairs expert to assist you with this project.

Failing to do this yourself correctly can lead to a serious mold issue!

Using drain cleaners excessively

This is another common mistake made by many! Some people will assume their drain is simply dirty and use copious amounts of drain cleaner to compensate. However, the truth is that your drain may be clogged! Not dirty. If the water won’t go down, try cleaning it once before calling a pro in your area. They can also look at your sewer line while they are at it! Using too much drain cleaner can have an adverse effect. It can damage your pipes even further as the chemicals can eat away at the metal.

Failing to use spare parts

This is another rookie mistake. When completing a plumbing job, many people will assume they just need one of every part. However, you need a back up for everything as well. You never know. Something can snap in half, and then you’ll be stuck there with your hand in the garbage disposal until someone can go and buy you another spare part!

Forgetting to turn off the water

A new plumbing installation company will never forget this crucial step. Turning off the water is one of the first things you should do. Even if you’re planning on quickly switching the valve, its best to shut the water off beforehand.

Not shutting the water off can lead to leaks and spills that can ultimately cost you thousands of dollars in repair fees.

Mixing up your pipes

A plumber is well versed in all the different types of pipes out there. However, a beginner may not know the difference between a tee and an elbow. Using each type of pipe for each specific scenario is crucial if you want to do a nice and long lasting job. Take the time to learn the difference and what type of purpose they serve.

If you’re using the wrong pipe, it may look normal to the naked eye. But once you turn the water on, it can make a huge mess in your home.

The risks of DIY jobs

Aside from damaging your home, these common DIY plumbing mistakes can cost you a pretty penny. If you don’t own your own and are renting from a landlord, they will charge you for damaging the property. If it’s your own home, you’re likely to be stuck with your own bill. You can’t put off fixing your bathroom if you leave a giant hole in the wall!

Conclusion on the most common DIY plumbing mistakes you can make

These common DIY plumbing mistakes happen too often. Many homeowners will try to cut corners before calling a professional. While there are several fun DIY projects, you can attempt in the home, avoid the ones listed above if you want to keep your home intact. Call an emergency plumbing service if you have attempted any of the following! You’ll need a pro’s advice! Hopefully, after all, is said and done, you will call a pro for your plumbing needs!

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