Breathe Easy: How Can I Improve The Air Quality In My Workplace?

We spend up to 80% of our time indoors. And at least half of that time is spent in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the EPA estimates that the indoor air we breathe so often is between two and five times dirtier than the air outside.

So what can we do to improve the air quality in our workplace to breathe a better (and healthier) sigh of relief?

Identity What’s Causing Your Indoor Air Problems

Before you can improve the air in your workplace, you need to identify the source of the issue. One of the most common workplace complaints stems from poor ventilation.

Poor ventilation can cause all kinds of problems including bad odors, allergy symptoms, and respiratory infections. Other common issues related to poor indoor air in the workplace include:

    • Contamination due to building fabric
    • Contamination from within the building such as spills
    • Contamination from outside the building such as rain
    • Contamination due to microbes

What Do I Do After Finding The Issue?

Not everyone can find the source of their air quality issue. If you’re unable to locate the source of the problem (or even if you have) it’s in your best interest to contact an HVAC repair service.

An HVAC repair service will be able to help you identify the source of the problem and whether it’s fixable. In some cases, your HVAC system may only need a minor repair. But in other cases, you may need to completely replace your system.

An HVAC service may also be able to help you determine whether the problem is with your HVAC system at all. The problem with your air quality may be related to humidity rather than the system itself.

In either case, it’s a good idea to have a professional come and take a look at your system rather than attempting to fix the issue yourself. The last thing you want is to damage your HVAC system more or potentially end up injuring your employees. Although you may think you’ll save money by repairing the HVAC system yourself, you could accidentally make a small issue worse.

Whether you’re in need of an air conditioner repair or a new HVAC system installation, Even Temp is there for you. To learn more about our air conditioner repair, HVAC service, or plumbing services, contact us today.

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