A DITY Move Calculator Helps Military Soldiers Get Moved

What is the formula for dity moves

Military DITY moves are voluntary programs that allow military members who have to relocate get reimbursed to move their belongings on their own. Many people feel like a military dity move may be stressful, but it is possible to turn a profit if you plan your move the right way. If you are planning a military move, you should use tools that are designed to reduce the stress in military moving so that you can get transitioned as soon as possible. Look for a DITY move calculator and you can properly plan your move and budget for what you will need.

Military DITY moves are also known as personally procured moves. This type of move is not recommended for those that are relocating overseas. The DITY move can also be used in tandem with other programs, such as the GBL, Government Bill of Lading, which allows you to ship some of your household goods under the DITY program. A Dity move calculator will help you determine how costly each element of your move will be.

With the right DITY move calculator, you can move effectively and earn some extra money for you and your family. After completing a DITY relocation, you will have 45 days before you can submit a payment claim for the DITY allowance you were given. Be certain that you properly conduct your military move, and it will be easier for you to get relocated and pocket some extra cash as you do so.

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