Tips for Cleaning an Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning service doesn’t only include fixing damages. It also includes cleaning and maintaining the unit as well. Watch this video to learn how to properly clean your air conditioner.

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First you need to replace the filters. These filters should be changed regularly to reduce allergens and allow good airflow. Make sure you check the filter size so you get the correct replacements. You should also regularly check your vents to make sure nothing is blocking the airflow. You don’t want to cover these up with rugs or furniture. You should also check the lines leading to and from the condenser to see if you need to take care of any damage.

You should also clean the condenser once a year. This process varies depending on what brand you have. You should clean out any debris at the bottom by hand or with a vacuum. Also check the condenser fins. Minor damages can be fixed with a fin tool but major damage will need to be taken care of by an air conditioning service professional.

If your AC unit has advanced damage, contact a professional to set up the air conditioning service as soon as possible.

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