Porperly Plumbing a Bathroom

Do you want to know how to plumb your bathroom by yourself correctly? If so, here are some tips and guides for plumbing installation.

1. So, before your plumbing installation starts, you need to do some basic rough-in measurements.

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If you are using a 4-inch closet flange, the center of the flange should be roughed in around 12 inches measured from the finished wall. If you measure from an unfinished wall, add in your wall thickness, and you will also need 15 inches of clearance from the center of the flange to any adjacent wall or sink.

2. Why is plumbing vent important? Every type of fixture in the plumbing spots need to be vented; why? their primary purpose is to serve as a trap seal; they are the reason why sewer gas cant escape your home. When waste travels through your plumbing system, it creates air pressure fluctuations, and these fluctuations can disrupt the trap seal; if these fluctuations are large enough, they can quickly get past through the trap seal and go into your home and smell like a sewer.

If you have correctly installed a vent, then it controls these pressure fluctuations and minimizes sewer gas from entering the insides of your home. As a result, the trap seal inside the plumbing system remains intact.

There are also various ways to vent: standard venting, wet venting, circuit venting, island fixture venting, and many more.


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