AC Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning repairs require a knowledge on the inside components of specific units. Watch this video for a breakdown on some tips for maintaining your AC unit.

You want to make sure you clean the condenser coil.

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This is a vital component of any AC unit so it is important that it is properly maintained. A dirty condenser coil will lead to problems with the functionality of your unit. A lot of the time there will be a little intruder in the unit.

Mice and other rodents plant their nests in open areas like AC units so these will need to be removed before you can do any serious air conditioning repairs. A lot of the time the actual animal isn’t still in the unit when you go to work on it, but instead a bundle of materials that make up their nest is still there. A problem with these animals nesting in units is that they tend to nibble at wires causing rips and tears. You want to make sure these don’t remain broken so if you need professional assistance, there are plenty of options available.

If you need air conditioning repairs but don’t have the knowledge on how to properly go about doing them, contact a local repair expert for more help.

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