Step-by-Step Guid to Tree Moving

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Instead of cutting down trees to clear spaces for construction, tree moving keeps the tree alive and helps to preserve the environmental assets. This article will explain the steps to moving a tree for new projects.

First, the tree movers work with the developer to select the trees that will be transported, and a site is chosen to move it to. Then a new hole is dug at the chosen location in which the tree will be placed.

If the tree size allows, an excavator fitted with spading diggers will pick the tree up, roots and all. If the tree is too large for the excavator, it is dug out by hand. Both methods require deft operators to handle the tree with care.

Once the tree and roots are cleared to be lifted, the tree is taken out of the ground and brought to the new site. A heavy-duty truck will lift the tree with ease and carry it to its new home.

The hole is then backfilled with sand, and irrigation is installed to make sure the tree remains nourished and strong. The site may be a temporary home where the tree stays only until the developer is ready for it to be replanted. The same method is used to return the tree.

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