Patching and Repairing Siding

Siding is among the most popular exterior materials for homes across the United States. Unfortunately, it can get damaged over time. Residential siding repair can be done by yourself with the correct knowledge. Whether it be wood shingles or vinyl, repairs can be made as seen in this video.

Video Source

Temporary patches can be made. This may be necessary after a tough winter. These might be appropriate if the damage isn’t widespread. This is as simple as sliding and attaching a smaller piece of siding over the damaged area. There is no removal required, just simple patchwork. You will have to measure the correct size of siding needed of course. This is the most time-consuming part of the project. With that said, it shouldn’t take make longer than 30 minutes to take care of it. Simply attach the new piece using screws that covers the damage and you are good to go!.

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