DIY Garage Door Repair

A DIY project is always enjoyable if you are up for it, but note that the hardware and parts of a garage door need caution and expertise to handle. They have the potential to cause serious harm and damage so always make sure you understand all instructions before you begin work.
Once you begin your garage door repair, unplug your door opener and disengage the opener from the door so that no one engages it while you’re working. Broken hinges and rollers are a common occurrence, especially with lower-end hinges.

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Before taking the door apart, mark the notches where the hinge is so that you will be able to easily and accurately find the right place to insert your new hinge.
The top section hinge has a bolt in the hinge that allows the top roller to move in and out against the header of the door to create a seal by making the header flush on both sides of the door. Taking the rollers off the hinge with the door halfway up causes issues with corresponding rollers in the track because they also pull out and it can be complicated to put them back in so avoid this method if you can.
Finally, remember to always seek expert help with your garage door repair when things start to get out of hand as this can save you a lot of headaches and further damage or even bodily harm.

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