Home Fire Suppression System

In this video, you will learn about fire suppression software. A fire suppression software system is sprinklers from the ceiling. The software tells the sprinklers to go off when a fire is detected. While this software is not a requirement in New York State, it may be a requirement sooner than later.

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It is a good thing to have and it is pretty safe. It is safer than the standard fire alarm that homes come equipped with. While there are many fire suppression software to choose from, these ones are being reviewed. The covers on the sprinklers fall off at 135 degrees, causing the sprinklers to go off. It is attached to residential systems, so it works with your regular plumbing. In this house, they do not have to worry about water pressure. In some houses, it could be an issue. The ideal water pressure is 100psi. The fire only sets off the sprinkler head where it is detected. This way, the entire house does not get drenched with water- just where there is heat detected. One-inch pipes are used for the flow of water. It is needed for this particular design. This system saves lives.

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