Have You Started the Process of Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter Months?

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As places in the midwest experience some of the most vibrant leave colors this fall, those who enjoy the beauty of the season also understand the work that is involved as the colorful leaves drop from the trees to created a carpeted yard that both crunches and blows. And even if your 15-year old daughter loves to run through the crunchy leaves that cover the paths and the streets through the neighborhoods, she does not even want to deal with the clean up process every day.
Like many of the best things in life, the full colors of fall simply serve as a reminder to homeowners that some serious work is ahead in the preparation for heavy snows and cold temperatures. The leaves that clog the gutters of your home, in fact, can become major obstacles to the proper melting and draining that must occur to keep roofs and homes free of leaks and water damage. For this reason, many homeowners use gutter cleaning maintenance programs to help ensure that their home makes a successful transition from falling leaves to falling rain and snow.
Even with the newest products like seamless gutter installation, a regular appointment with gutter cleaning maintenance programs is necessary. Unless you want to get out the ladders and the scaffolding to check the gutters on your two story home with a walkout basement, a call to a company that offers gutter cleaning maintenance programs is the best decision.
Home Maintenance Tasks Require Constant Attention to Detail
Whether it involves checking the attic ventilation or the siding installation, a diligent homeowner realizes that maintaining a house and its surrounding property takes a lot of work. The difference between being a homeowner who follows a regular month by month maintenance schedule and a homeowner who simply jumps from one emergency to another can be significant. Regularly scheduled gutter cleaning maintenance programs, lawn aeration, and sprinkler system blowouts are just a few of the tasks that are involved in homeownership in the midwest.
Did you know that, on average, homeowners typically spend between 1% and 4% of a home?s value every year on maintenance and repairs? These costs, of course, tend to increase as the house ages. For a $200,000 home, this can mean at least $2,000 in repairs annually. How good are you at attending to these season changing tasks at your home?

  • Gutter and Window Inspections. Before the temperatures drop below freezing, now is a good time to inspect the gutters that will help heavy rains and snows successfully drain. Clogged gutters can lead to significant ice jams that can force moisture into siding and sometimes into the interior of your home. Even with new gutters that provide leave blocking shields, it is important to make a visual inspection of your gutters at least once or twice a year. Many companies offer these services for an affordable price. Inspecting windows for proper sealing can help you avoid not only future water damage, but also escaping energy during the coldest months.
  • Empty sprinkler lines and disconnect outdoor hoses. While it is very tempting to apply one more round of winter fertilizer and water it in, make sure that you take the next step and also empty the sprinkler system. For many homeowners this means calling a company to come blow out the lines. For other homeowners, winterizing the sprinkler system is a simple task that they can manage themselves. Whether you hire someone else or do the work yourself, this is a task that simply cannot be left undone. Water damage from frozen sprinkler lines can be significant, not only to inside possessions, but also to the sprinkler system itself. It is also important to drain and disconnect all hoses. Some homeowners leave the hoses outside in case a warm spell allows for some additional watering, but it is always important to make sure hoses are disconnected from any outdoor spigots.

Enjoy these days of fall color, but make sure that you also complete these necessary tasks.

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