Do You Know How to Install an Asphalt Driveway

This video discusses how to install an asphalt driveway. In this video, Patrick Mattingley from AllAboutDriveways.com, discusses the importance of installing the driveway right the first time.

Proper asphalt driveway paving makes the difference between a driveway that lasts only a few years and one that lasts 20 years.

The first step is to prepare the sub-grade properly.

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The draining plan is critical. The soil must be graded for proper drainage. The water must run away from the house to avoid flooding. It also must run off the asphalt. All rocks and gravel must be removed before asphalt driveway paving. Clay, sand, or topsoil should be removed as it is soft and unstable. It should be replaced with more solid material.

Long driveways should be graded flat with a slight pitch to either side, so water runs off the surface. There is no advantage to having a driveway with a crown in it. Before installing the asphalt, herbicide should be placed to avoid vegetation from coming through. An asphalt paving machine should be used for installation.

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