Learn How to Install and Test a Sump Pump

Want to replace your sump pump or have it repaired? You may not have the time or funds to pay for a sump pump installation service, so how can you do the job on your own? The YouTube channel, Superior Pump, shows viewers how you can get that sump pump working again without calling a professional.

Unplug the sump pump first and foremost. Outside, ensure that the discharge pipe is free of ice and/or debris.

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If anything is blocking it, clean it out. For ice, you may need a heat gun or hair dryer.

Once inside again, loosen the hose clamps so you can remove the rubber boot. Next, remove the cover and lift the pump out of the pit. After checking to see if the intake screen is clean or not, untwist the discharge hose to check for any blockage.

Check and clean the pit for anything that can clog the pump. Do a quick test of the pump by plugging it in and pushing up on the flow switch.

Next, place the sump pump back into the pit, ensuring the flow switch is unobstructed. Put it all back together, and do a wet test.

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