4 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Home’s Chances of Selling

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You?re planning on selling your home a few years from now; it?s time to downsize. Subsequently, you want to know what your options are updating your home so that, come selling time, you won?t be waiting 11 months for your home to sell — for less than you were asking for.

Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do for your home that have great ROI. Let?s review.

Updating Your Kitchen

An updated kitchen has a great ROI. Kitchen remodeling can, in fact, gain you 70% back when it comes time to sell. More importantly, though, this is something major that homeowners are looking for. If what you?re offering is an outdated kitchen that is clearly going to need a major overhaul, many potential homeowners will look at this and say, ?no thanks.?
Kitchen remodeling contractors can do everything from updating your tired countertop to sprucing up your cabinetry doors.

Window Installation

Did you know that windows today — especially STAR certified windows — are much more energy efficient than the windows of many years ago? Though windows can be expensive to replace, they can often help you recoup a lot of money on your heating and cooling. In fact, replacing standard windows can help to lower overall energy bills by as much as 15%! Window installation can be an important decisive factor for new homeowners looking for a home that isn?t going to cost them a ton of money in ?hidden? fees like this.

Siding Repair

We all know first impressions matter for a first date — but they matter for your home as well. By opting for siding replacement you can get the exterior of your home to look brand new once more. If you own an older home with wood siding, it might be time to consider the advantages of vinyl. Vinyl siding has an average lifespan of about 40 years and doesn?t need to be painted — at most, you?ll just need to hose it down every once in a while to remove accumulated grime.

Roof Repair

Homeowners to be are trying to avoid major maintenance and replacement headaches, which is why replacing the roof now might be a good idea. Not only can this make your home better at insulating, but it can also help to improve your overall selling cost — how many other home sellers will be able to say they have a new roof to offer?

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