7 Tips to Get the Most from Your Washing Machine

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You probably do not spend a lot of time thinking about your washing machine and dryer until something goes wrong. The average cost of an appliance repair was between $254 and $275. It will not exactly break the bank for everyone but it is still annoying. Most major appliances should last you between 10 and 15 years before they need to be replaced but we all know things happen. Nearly one quarter of all front loading washing machines fail before 10 years. These machines give out at about three to four. Needing washing machine repairs or dryer repairs may not be fun but there are things we can to to keep them running smoothly.

7 Tips to Get The Most from Your Washing Machine

  1. Leave the door open between uses. This helps you get the most air circulation into the washing machine. This can keep it smelling fresh, which means it is at the best shape to clean your clothing. This will not prevent needing any washing machine repairs but will help get your clothes cleaner.
  2. Check on your drain pump filter every now and again. This should be done about once or twice a month. If you are having any of the following problems: clothes that are more wet than usual after the spin cycle has run, strange noises coming from the washing machine, if the washing machine stops during the washing cycle or if it takes longer than normal to finish, you can check your drain pump filter. This could need to be cleaned out, saving you from needing expensive washing machine repairs. Check the manual that came with your washing machine to find the location of the drain pump filter.
  3. Use water and vinegar on the rubber seal in the door. This can make a great solution for cleaning a number of things in your home. The solution should be half water and half white vinegar. You can use bottom swabs to get to hard to reach areas. These areas can be great breeding grounds for mold, which can cause health problems for your family. Carefully wipe the entire area with the solution and then wipe it dry.
  4. Clean the machine once a month. You should use white vinegar and baking soda. What you will want to do is add about a cup of each to your dispenser and then run the washing machine on the hottest water setting. Repeat the rinse cycle to get the white vinegar and baking soda out of all of the washing machine. This will get a lot of the gunk that may build up inside the washing machine. If you think your unit is really dirty, you can replace the vinegar with bleach but you will need to run the rinse cycle at least a few times to get that out of the machinery. Check your unit’s manual to see if you have a self cleaning washing machine.
  5. Never leave wet clothes in the washing machine. This will encourage the growth of mold and mildew. This will make your machine do a less than stellar job of cleaning your clothes. Again, this will not prevent needing washing machine repairs but will get your clothes cleaner.
  6. Use the right detergent for your machine. If you have a high efficiency washing machine, you need to buy the detergent that is made specifically for that kind of washing machine.
  7. Replace your washing machine hoses. If they are rubber, you can extend their lifespan if you switch out your rubber hoses with metal ones that last a lot longer.

If you start to hear serious banging noises, the machine does not seem to clean your clothes as well, the spin cycle is just not getting your clothes dry as it should, and it is not the drain pump filter, you may have to call in an expert to do some washing machine repairs on your unit.

If you own your own home, the chances are that you will have to deal with oven repairs, refrigerator repairs, dishwasher repairs and washing machine repairs. You can do some things to keep all of your appliances running at their peak levels.

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