When You Should Hire Remodelers for the Home

A homeowner, unlike someone who rents their living space, has the option of hiring remodeling companies to refinish or replace much of the hardware in their home, from the floor to the walls to plumbing and more. When remodeling companies are hired for the job, a homeowner can coordinate with them to design what the renewed rooms or house will look like, and in some cases, a design build home remodeling crew may be desired. Design built remodeling teams can work with the homeowner to design and illustrate what the new space will look like, if the homeowner has trouble deciding this for themselves. Remodeling contractors have a wide variety of talents on their team, with wood workers, plumbers, electricians, floor experts, and more working together to remake a room (or several). When is it time for a homeowner to reach out to remodeling companies, and what might they expect from this?

The Business of Remodeling

This is a large and robust industry, since many millions of American adults own their own houses and want to update them. In fact, experts have predicted that home improvement retailers may have $409.2 billion in sales by the end of 2019. A 2017 Houzz study, meanwhile, found that renovators who bought their first property in 2016 spent about $33,800 on home renovation work. That’s a 22% increase from 2015’s spending on such things. And the Houzz study confirmed that it’s mainly older Americans aged 55 and over who are spending money on home remodeling. They tend to spend three times as much on this as younger adult homeowners, since they have had time to save up money for this and they are deeply invested in their homes. Americans tend to move more often when they’re younger, then move less often in their older years. An older homeowner will probably not move out for some time, so they will want to invest heavily in their current property. Still, Millennials, those born 1982-1995, are catching up, and they are a small but growing portion of the real estate and home remodeling markets. Within the next decade, they may soon rival older Americans in home ownership and remodeling work.

Getting the Job Done

It should be noted that not only will the current homeowner enjoy the results of a remodeling job, but the next homeowner probably will, too. A homeowner may hire remodeling crews to update their house, then use these new features to their advantage on the real estate market. When the homeowner sells their property, they can ask for a higher price, and buyers may be attracted to the remodeled rooms. Such a house may sell faster, and for a better price, than if no remodeling work was done. Thus, remodeling is a smart investment, and rooms such as the kitchen and master bathroom may offer a ROI (return on investment) as high as 70-80% if they’ve been remodeled.

A homeowner who wants to get their property remodeled can look up contractors online and also get references from local hardware stores, and any good contractor team will have their own website. There, customers can find up to date images, videos, and articles showcasing their work and their contact information. A homeowner may compare and contrast a few teams before choosing one to hire.

One or two rooms may be remodeled, and in some cases, the entire house. Some rooms, such as the master bathroom and kitchen, are the most popular for this. For the kitchen, crews can be hired to remake or replace nearly anything. Flooring contractors will remove old tiles or linoleum and replace it, and wood workers may replace the cabinet doors or at least refinish and repaint them. Other contractors may remove the old countertops and replace them with durable and attractive granite or marble models. The stove and fridge may also be replaced if so desired.

The master bathroom isn’t just for the toilet; homeowners like to take baths in that room, or shave or work on their hair with the sink and mirror. This room can have its plumbing utilities replaced with attractive and low-flow models, and have the floor tiles removed and the walls repainted. Lighting fixtures can also be replaced, and new decorations added too.

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