When a Foundation Repair Company is Needed

All modern buildings, may they be large office buildings or banks or residential homes, need a solid concrete foundation upon which to sit. In fact, one of the first steps of any construction project is to dig up the space for the foundation, then pour concrete and allow it to cure and form the foundation. From there, the home may be built, and there is more than one way to build a good foundation. Of course, like any hardware, these structures may sometimes suffer from foundation failure, so a foundation repair company or foundation repair services may be called upon to handle it. A good foundation repair company will have its own website and positive customer reviews, and a homeowner may find a local foundation repair company by reference or an online search.

Common Foundation Models

There are a number of ways to build a foundation, and four particular models have proven popular and common for this work. The first type is the slab model, which is just that: a solid slab of concrete that serves as the platform for the house. Such slab foundations are common in Texas homes younger than 50 years, and they are often used if the home does not need any of the more advanced features found in other foundation types to protect against floods or earthquakes. A slab foundation is simple but solid.

A second common type of foundation is the crawlspace, and this foundation model gets its name from the low, wide space that it creates directly beneath the home. When built, this concrete formation elevates the house 18″ off of the ground, and this creates a convenient space for repair professionals to visit and carry out inspections or repairs. And not only that, but these crawlspaces are effective for flood control, since flooding waters may pass harmlessly under the house.

The third common model of foundations is the pillar and beam model, which is in fact a crawlspace that is reinforced with wood and concrete pillars and beams underneath for extra support. These foundations are popular and price effective to build, but they do not stand up well to earthquakes. The pillars do not go very deep into the ground, and earthquakes may badly damage them. Before construction of a foundation, a geologist should be consulted about the hazards of nearby fault lines.

Meanwhile, the fourth common foundation type is the basement, and basements are known for adding a lot of square footage to any house where they are found. Basements are fully open rooms, unlike crawlspaces, and they are useful for both item storage and bonus living room. Basements are known for resisting both fires and earthquakes, while they are prone to suffering water damage. Often, basement owners will hire a local foundation repair company to deal with water intrusions.

Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

A concerned homeowner may look up local a foundation repair company, or several of them, online with a search in their area such as “foundation repairs Dallas TX” or “foundation experts near me Boston MA.” The homeowner may compare and contrast foundation experts in their area to find the right one to hire, and any good contractor crew will have their own website. There, a potential client may find videos, articles, and images of what the repair crews can do, as well as show contact information and previous customer reviews.

Once hired, foundation experts may make use of a crawlspace, as can plumbers, to diagnose and fix a problem down there. Meanwhile, basements may need relief from water damage. Very old basements are made of limestone brick formations that bulge inwards over time due to the pressure of water-heavy soil. Such compromised walls have cracks and leaks, and contractors may build concrete walls to contain them. Meanwhile, foundation experts may repair erosion damage on the walls or floor of the basement, and they can reinforce and repair ground-level foundations against water flooding in from the outside. And if necessary, plumbers can be hired to install a sump pump in the basement’s lowest point, and channel that lead right to it. Such pumps can collect loose, standing water and draw it up, then deposit it outside of the home. This can control water and moisture buildup whenever needed.

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