What You Need To Know About Radon Inspection

With almost one in every 15 United States Homes estimated to have radon gas levels at or over the EPA action level, there is a need to give radon inspection, testing and mitigation a serious thought. It goes without saying that radon gas is capable of causing very serious damages and severe health-related issues. That alone should make conducting radon inspection a necessity. This helps in minimizing the levels of radon gas in the house and preventing health-related issues such as lung cancer caused by this harmful gas. However, the radon inspection exercise ought to be undertaken with a lot of care. There are a number of factors to be put into consideration during the entire process. Check below for some insights on radon inspection.

Make A Budget

You will have to definitely plan for the entire radon inspection process. This means you have to set a very sufficient budget. The budget should suffice the cost of hiring radon inspection services and putting in place reliable radon mitigation services. So how do you go about your budget-making process? First, you will have to come up with an estimate on how much the entire process will cost you. Information for your budget estimate can be acquired from previous customers. Furthermore, you can request quotations from different radon mitigation companies. You can then make comparisons on which company you will bring on board for the radon inspection exercise.

Choose A Radon Inspection Company

Not just any company you come across will conduct a thorough radon inspection exercise. You must ensure you make the right pick. One of the factors you have to consider in your selection process is the experience of the radon inspection company. Do they have a pool of professionals in matters regarding radon inspection, testing and abatement services? How long have they been providing these services? Get to know what previous clients have to say regarding the radon testing and abatement services they received. In doing so, you gather vital information to help you make a sober and well-thought choice. You have to ensure you are getting value for your money. This means you cannot make a careless choice. Do your research, seek insights from professionals and choose a radon inspection company that will do a great job. You cannot afford to put up with radon gas levels exceeding the set EPA action level. It will only jeopardize your health and also cause some serious damages to your house.

Prepare For Radon Inspection and Testing

Once you have found a company or an expert to carry out the radon inspection exercise, you have to prepare for this inspection process. This comes with a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. The aim is to ensure you get accurate measurements. The measurements will then be used to determine if you need to seek radon mitigation services or not. So, you have to ensure always you have a reliable and experienced radon inspection company on board. This is a guarantee that you will be able to receive very accurate measurements for proper decision making. Once you have made your sober pick in terms of the radon inspection expert, the actual inspection process is the next step. The process needs to be undertaken in a closed building setup. In this connection, you will have to close the windows, doors and other related openings in your house. The radon inspection and testing will be very accurate with such conditions, thus setting in motion the next step. If the radon gas levels are at or more than the EPA action level, radon mitigation services will have to be sought after.


Radon inspection is a very crucial process that every home needs to carry out occasionally. It is very important to know the level of this harmful gas in your home. Therefore, you will have to bring on board a reliable radon inspection company. The selection process for one should be handled with care. You cannot afford to bring on board fraudsters who are not well-equipped with radon inspection and mitigation skills. So read customer reviews, seek insights from previous customers and also do your research. At the end of the day, you need accurate results from the inspection process. So, ensure the inspection process is very thorough.

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