What You Need to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to add value to your home or if you have always dreamed about having an outdoor kitchen, Randy has some great ideas on how you can make this dream a reality. So, what do you want to have in your outdoor kitchen?

A gas grill is a great start and can be the focal point of the outdoor kitchen. If you are more of a pizza maker, a pizza oven can be installed instead. Side burners can give you more room to cook on a stovetop and help with larger meals.

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A sink is essential for cleaning up your messes and allowing you to have access to wash your hands after touching raw meat. This way, you won’t have to go inside the house, contaminating the doorknobs on the way.

An outdoor refrigerator filled with cold beverages is also a great addition. If you drink, you can add a kegerator to have cold beer on tap. You can have a smaller keg in the fridge to allow you to have room for soda or bottled water as well.

A flat top griddle is another great addition on which you can cook bacon, roasted vegetables, even meat, and anything else you desire.

A set of storage drawers is important, so you don’t need to run inside too much for the products that you need when cooking outside. This can include utensils, cooking ware, even spices, and ingredients.


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