What Is a Ground Mat? (And How It is Useful)

Poly crane mats

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, require the assembly of a crane to be done on a firm, graded and drained ground and supported with materials, such as mats, pads, cribbing, and blocking. This rule has pushed companies to demand reliable and sturdy ground protection mats to protect soft and turf ground from damage.

What is a Ground Mat?

A ground mat is a temporary trackway or roadway that is laid on the ground to protect lawns and grasses or to protect new vehicles from catching dirt. Mats are used in varied applications including estate management, outdoor events, landscaping, and construction. With a mat, your team works conveniently and confidently knowing that there will be no damages left to the underlying ground or floor. Most of the mats are made from high-quality polyethylene that is durable and resistant to chemicals, water, and oil. Additionally, they don’t experience splintering or corrosion, giving customers a product they can use for a longer time.

Designed for Crane Use

There are ground mats that measure 2.88m x 1.44m, which is an ideal size for most mobile cranes and other plants. Typically, the sturdy construction of the mat is designed to withstand vertical pressure and provide a superior grip to the tires of a crane. Even with the significant weight of cranes, the mats are able to handle any load for a convenient use.


The sturdy construction doesn’t make mats heavy. Instead, they are even lightweight and portable, meaning your servicemen can carry it to any place to create temporary roads or a parking area for the crane. They come in several pieces and can be linked together to create a temporary road without getting apart. This simply allows the whole team to focus on getting a task done with minimum efforts. After the work, it is easy to slide them on and off one another for storage.

Prevent the Crane from Getting Stuck

One of the most common problems that construction workers have to endure is a stuck crane. This is where AlturnaMats ground protection can help overcome such hindrances. Some good mats can support over 120 tons and bend without breaking or getting water-logged.

The mats prevent the crane from getting stuck in the mud or soft ground, which can ruin yards and equipment and waste time, money and fuel. Your team no longer needs to say no to jobs because the weather or terrain is not favorable. Mats give them the confidence for almost any kind or work. Additionally, they help to eliminate the use of plywood and turf, which pose replacement and repair costs.

Today, construction workers can achieve more while saving time by using a ground mat that is durable and supports the maximum weight to hold a crane. Companies can now accept more jobs from their clients while reducing costs in the process. It simple to create pathways and temporary roads that facilitate a convenient and feasible process for just about any task.

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