What Can You Expect From Your Reroofing Project

In this video you will learn how to reroof a roof without needing any roof company. Not taking care of your roof might lead to enhanced growth of moss. To avoid the moss, this video will provide you step by step guidance to reroof your roof.

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To start this DIY project, you might need the equipment like gloves, eye protection, knee pads, plastic wrap, plastic roofing cement with gun, measuring tape, staple gun, hammer, roofing nails, razor blade, air compressor with hose and roofing paper. The first step of the process is removing the existing shingles carefully so that the siding doesn’t get damaged.
After removing the shingles, take a broom and clean the roof thoroughly. The next step is installation of roof felt, for this take the measurements from the end of roof to house. After measuring, start cutting the felt using two straight pieces of wood. This step is followed by the stapling of felt to the substrate with the help of staple gun. Make sure the felt is adhered well to the substrate.
The next step is to layer down the shingles. For this use three tiered standard shingle. In first row of shingles place the shingle upside down and tack it into position and then place another shingle on its top. This technique ensures weather proofing and stability If you want to continue the process of reroofing without any help from roof company, watch this video till the end.

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