Ways You Can Revamp Your Kitchen This Winter

If you are interested in a DIY project this winter, perhaps revamp your kitchen, as it is one of the most popular DIY home renovation projects in the United States. Not only can it be a fun project for you and your entire family, but the end result will have you wanting to show off your new kitchen to family and friends all winter long.

In 2012, the average kitchen remodel in the United States cost approximately $28,030. Expensive, right? Well, you can revamp your kitchen for much less if you are willing to put in some work yourself. DIY projects are done all of the time by people just like you, so you can certainly accomplish one yourself as well. Revamp your kitchen today by taking a look at and considering the following ideas. What is your dream kitchen, and how can you accomplish it?

Why Revamp?

Whether you want to sell your house in the near future and want to increase your home’s property value or you simply want to remodel your kitchen for you and your family’s enjoyment, a deep clean is the first step you’re going to want to take. After that, there are several ways to revamp your kitchen this winter that will make you want to spend even more time in it – whether it be cooking, baking, or spending quality time with your family over a meal or a board game at the kitchen table.

Cleaning It Up

Deep cleaning is the first step in the process of revamping your kitchen. A deep clean can certainly be done yourself if you buy the proper quality sprays, disinfectants, and tools to make your kitchen sparkling clean. Aside from your own cleaning, you may even want to utilize one of your local residential sanitizing services to be sure every nook and cranny is clean and free of spots, dirt, mold, and pests, especially if you’ve had issues with mold or other tough spots in the past. If you have had a problem with pests, bugs, or animals in past winters, perhaps it is also time to call pest control services. This way, you won’t have to worry about any bugs or animals making their way into or ruining your newly renovated kitchen.

Making Some Fixes and Tweaks

If you have been putting off fixing any broken kitchen appliances, now is the time to get those patched up. Between holiday cooking and baking or hosting family gatherings during the winter months, surely you want a working dishwasher, microwave, oven, and stovetop. With this being said, get those dishwasher repairs handled or call up one of your local gas line services to fix your stovetop or oven if either of them have not been working properly.

Other tweaks around your kitchen could include rearranging, whether it be the setup of your refrigerator, oven, or microwave. While many kitchens are designed to hold each of these appliances in particular spaces or areas, you could design a new way you would like your kitchen laid out. In doing this, a major remodeling project will be born – so be sure to think about how much time and money you are willing to spend on your kitchen.

Another tweak could be the color or color scheme in your kitchen. Are you ready to part with the current look of your kitchen? Perhaps you are ready to make a major color change, such as from grey to yellow, or white to purple. Whichever colors you picture in your kitchen and want to make happen, go for it. This is one aspect of your kitchen that you can surely accomplish yourself. When it comes to home improvement DIY projects, you can save yourself approximately 20-35% by cutting out the middle man; in this case, if you paint your kitchen yourself, you can save quite a bit of money by not hiring a professional painter. If you’ve never painted a big space before, you can find helpful videos online as well as seek help at a hardware or home improvement store that sells paint. Revamp your kitchen, as it can be a fun project for and your entire family.

Making Changes

If fixing kitchen appliances isn’t going to cut it, it may be time to think about making some purchases of whatever may be in need of a replacement. If you have an old refrigerator or oven, buying a new one will only add to the overall new look of your kitchen once its remodeling is complete. This way, you can also choose the exact model you want. Do you want an ice maker? Do you want a large or small freezer? Do you want a lot of shelf space? Do you want a gas or electric stove? Depending on the size of your kitchen and family, these features are important to consider.

Revamp your kitchen by thinking about other features of your kitchen that could use some updating, such as cabinets, the sink, lights, countertops, and other standing furniture. Kitchen cabinets play a major role in the look of your cooking space. Do you want dark, light, or a neutral color? What kind of wood? There are several factors to consider, especially when it comes to matching the cabinets to the other colors in your kitchen. Perhaps you want all white cabinets with light purple walls or black cabinets with white walls. The options are limitless.

Also consider the color and design of your sink. Perhaps you have one sink and would like to add another. Now, a project like this will likely take a professional to execute, but you can still be part of the process. Another aspect of your kitchen that a professional will have to likely take on is a change in the countertops. There are several countertop options, such as quartz, laminate, concrete, marble or Italian marble, or solid surface countertops. Each material provides a different aesthetic to the overall look of your kitchen. Certain countertops can even make your kitchen look more expensive or fancy, so be sure to consider how your countertops match the colors in your kitchen as well as the furniture within it.

Other furniture in your kitchen could include a table, chairs, and bar stools. Revamp your kitchen even more by taking on a big DIY project: making a set of table and chairs or barstools yourself. While this is a major woodworking project, it is one the entire family can take on together. Perhaps other friends or loved ones are interested in helping out as well. You can find instructions on making your own table and chairs or barstools online – and it is certainly an attainable project. However, if a rustic or homemade look is not what you are seeking for your remodeled kitchen, then looking elsewhere isn’t a bad idea. With both in-store and online options available, you can certainly find kitchen furniture that fits your budget and style. You can also consider thrifting and looking at used furniture online. Some people want new furniture every year, so you could find gently used furniture at a cheaper price and use the saved money on other features within your kitchen.

Making Bigger Changes

Kitchen remodeling can be both time-consuming and expensive. However, if you have been saving for a project like this, then why not go all out? Perhaps revamp your kitchen in a way you haven’t thought of, such as installing all-new floors or by adding a booth or breakfast nook into the wall.

Wood floor installation can certainly be a DIY project if you have the time and skillset to get this big job done. It is certainly possible with the proper tools, patience, and help. Some home improvement store websites offer step-by-step instructions for this project, and you can also buy all of the necessary materials and tools in-store or online as well.

Have you ever thought of knocking out a wall or building a booth for a corner in your kitchen? Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you can either add a breakfast nook or booth to it or you will have to completely remodel your kitchen in order to have one. Either way, breakfast nooks are an adorable addition to any kitchen. They can make eating meals feel homier, and they can also be used when you have guests over or want to spend time with your family. You could even give your breakfast nook a different color scheme or overall aura than the rest of your kitchen. An addition like this to your kitchen can be expensive and a lot of work if you need to remodel your kitchen in order to install one. However, creating a booth itself can be another DIY project for yourself or your family. With the necessary materials, it is essentially building, painting, and installing a large bench or benches. Then, you buy some nice cushions and pillows to accompany the bench or benches. If you don’t have room in your kitchen or don’t care to expand your kitchen to hold a breakfast nook, no need to worry. There are plenty of other ways to revamp your kitchen and make it your own.

Remodeling your kitchen means you are making it your own and something to be proud of. With this being said, another way to make your kitchen yours is by giving it a unique feature, such as a theme. Some people enjoy a rustic farmhouse theme or look, while others enjoy a modern one. Other themes include a fireplace look, a particular food or foods, a particular animal or group of animals, flowers, trees, or a diner theme. Your kitchen can be whatever you’d like. Creating a theme can certainly be a DIY project, especially when it comes to creating or picking out furniture, choosing colors and painting, and picking out decorations, appliances, and supplies for your kitchen.

Time to Organize

Now it’s time to say project revamp your kitchen: complete. With a completely remodeled kitchen comes some more work. Organizing your kitchen can be a whole new project, especially if your new kitchen is very different from your old one. This can include reorganizing your appliances, pots and pans, food storage containers, silverware, and dry foods, such as boxed mac and cheese, sauces for pastas, crackers, chips, and canned foods. Perhaps you weren’t as organized as before and want to do complete this your kitchen remodeling with some serious organizing, which other family members can certainly help with as well. Maybe your kids have some ideas of their own.

Making it Homey

The kitchen is often a busy area in a person’s home, especially if you have a family. With children home more often nowadays, you certainly want your kitchen to be a place where your kids can learn during remote learning private school as well as do homework, eat snacks, and video chat or hang out with friends.

You can make your kitchen homier by creating some decor DIY-style or buying some decorations. Simply hanging artwork, whether it be professional or a piece you, your child, or another loved one painted, can instantly change the aura in your kitchen. You can also put pictures of you and your family or other loved ones around your kitchen. This could include using magnets to hold pictures on your refrigerator, clipping pictures on a string, or putting pictures in frames to hang on the wall. Handmade signs can also be fun decor for your kitchen. There are hundreds of ideas you can find to make your kitchen’s decor match your personality as well as the aesthetic you are going for.

The kitchen is an important room in any home. Revamp your kitchen this winter to make it your own. Depending on what you want, much of your kitchen remodel can be done DIY-style. You can also consult professional services or other loved ones for help. This kind of project is big, but it is worth the time and money if you want the kitchen of your dreams to become a reality.

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