Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Investing in Impact Windows

Impact windows and doors miami

We have all seen the devastation of natural disasters on the news. Houses collapsed, entire streets torn apart, neighborhoods decimated. As the weather continues to shift, building and housing companies are starting to think about ways that they can build houses that withstand the worst of a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado, or brace against strong winds and flying debris. Impact windows and doors are at the forefront of those efforts, since those tend to be a weak point of the house that often can cause injuries or are instantly damaged. You want to have protection in your home and know that every part your home is made from quality products. High impact windows and doors can also have other benefits, such as bringing down heating and cooling costs on your energy bills and making your home more energy efficient and eco friendly.
I Don’t Live In a Hurricane Zone. Why Should I Get Impact Windows?
For one thing, you want to always be thinking ahead. This year, you may not live in a hurricane zone, but in five years? Ten years? What happens if there’s a freak weather event? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Impact windows are going to shield you and your family from flying debris and can withstand heavy winds. You don’t want to be in the middle of a wind storm and suddenly hear your windows shatter. The three most popular choices of material for impact windows are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Weather stripping the windows can also make them more secure as well, as well as more energy efficient. Modern hurricane resistant windows have been thoroughly tested against high winds and almost all of them come with a guarantee of being able to resist up to 200 mph winds and Category 5 winds.
What Other Advantages Are There to Getting Impact Windows?
Extra Security
These types of windows add extra security that goes beyond natural disasters. They’re more difficult to break into, so your home will also be better protected against theft — most burglars will try to enter through windows, which are often the weakest point of a home. If you’re home and hear someone try to break in, you’ll have a little extra time to notify the authorities, and if you’re not home, hopefully they won’t be able to break in at all!
UV Protection and Energy Efficiency
Some impact windows also offer extra protection against ultraviolet rays and have more sealing around them, making your house more energy efficient as well. It’s been shown that the average house has a 30% energy loss (from heating or air conditioning) due to windows that are inefficient. By making sure you have weathertight windows and windows that are Energy Star qualified, you can keep that energy inside your home and reduce your bills by as much as 7-15%! That’s a huge annual savings.
Noise Reduction
Moreover, you may see a difference in noise reduction. Because impact windows tend to be thicker and better sealed, you may find that you don’t hear as much outside noise, such as traffic sounds. It’s certainly an added benefit if you live near a high traffic area, such as a highway, or there’s construction nearby.
Save Money
Getting new windows can actually make a huge difference in your home’s appearance and if you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, having Energy Star and hurricane resistant windows can be a huge selling point. New windows can give you almost an 80% return on investment and will last for at least 20 years! Even better, your energy bills are certain to go down and the new windows will recoup the money you paid for them in no time.
Getting impact windows is clearly a great choice for many different reasons. Although it may cost a little extra to begin with, you’re sure to see that money back over time, with reduced energy bills. You’ll also enjoy extra security and peace of mind, both against the weather and more general home security.

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