The Steel Window Trend is About More Than Style

Metal frame residential windows

If you are a follower of interior design trends, you will have noticed a recent inclination towards a more industrial approach. Fashionable spaces are wide open, sporting high ceilings and exposed brick, stone, or wood. Colored in neutral tones, reminiscent of a factory or warehouse, this style puts the focus on the functional. Factory-like steel windows let in bountiful sunlight due to their large size and elegantly thin sightlines. These windows are more than just beautiful accents to a trendy loft or office building. Like the many other utilitarian adornments found in the industrial genre, steel framed windows are incredibly practical.

Every 13 seconds a home invasion is carried out, and approximately 30% of all burglars enter through an open or unlocked window or door. However, steel framed windows and doors are more secure than those made with other materials such as wood or aluminum, and may act as an effective deterrent to a burglar. Oftentimes, steel windows are divided into small frames with steel bars connecting each individual glass pane. These bars are welded together, and the frame is attached with steel screws, making it virtually impossible to disassemble, with spaces far too small for a human body to fit through.

These windows can be extremely effective in maintaining a room’s temperature. A typical house will lose 15-20% of its heat through the windows, but steel frames won’t wear out, leading to a failure in the insulation. A technique called “thermal breaking” is used in the construction of steel windows. Thermally broken steel windows have a material inserted between the inside and outside window frames to prevent thermal energy from escaping. Steel frames are sturdy, and unlike wood, they do not expand and contract as a result of weather. Steel fire rated window and door units are also beneficial for stopping the spread of fire throughout a building. In 2013, there was a home fire reported every 85 seconds. When you use the right materials, this type of incident can be easily managed or even prevented

Steel windows come in a variety of styles and colors, so if industrial isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the many benefits of a durable and secure window.

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