The Best Wood Vaneer For Your Home

Iron on wood veneer sheets

Are you looking for a way to incorporate a certain touch into your home furnishings? Are you possibly trying to create a natural look, or are you going for something a little more traditional. Regardless of your style, real wood vaneer sheets or panels might be just the thing you need to breathe new life into your home. But before you go out and start trying to decide between oak sheets and cherry veneer sheets, there are things every homeowner should know about real wood vaneer sheets to better inform their decisions and help them make the right choices for their home and their lifestyle. Here are the basic steps and facts everyone should know about real wood vaneer sheets and panels:

First, you have a lot of options when it comes to wood vaneer sheets. So before you go shopping or talk to a contractor, think about what you’re looking for! Consider the different types of wood that might fit well in your home, from bamboo veneer sheets to mahogany veneer sheets. Think about how you want to incorporate the look into your home, whether you prefer subtle veneer edge banding or entire wood veneer sheets to panel a room. Don’t be afraid to look at magazines, websites, and friend’s homes for inspiration, and feel free to research various choices and styles.

Second, talk to a contractor or designer who has experience working with sheet veneer. Your research will show you that there are many different methods of installing sheets of veneer: there are iron on wood veneer sheets, peel and stick veneer panels, and self adhesive veneer, to name but a few options. And there are various other factors that work better for certain environments over others: thin wood veneer sheets, pressure sensitive veneer sheets, furniture grade wood vaneer panels….the people who will know which options will work best for you are those who have worked extensively with the material.

Third, check out veneer suppliers for wholesale prices. Your project is likely to be quite a large endeavor, and you’ll probably need quite a lot of material. Think about visiting a vendor with veneer for sale to see if you can find lower prices for a large order. This is also a great way to make sure you’re in love with your chosen material. And if not, maybe you’ll see something even better.

Fourth, and finally, prioritize quality. While different products will work differently in individual homes, real wood vaneer sheets will last longer and look better than a synthetic counterpart. While synthetic veneer sheets will usually be cheaper, real wood vaneer sheets are usually worth the extra price.

Have you installed wood vaneer paneling in your home? Are you considering it? Tell us about your remodeling adventure in the comments below! Continue your research here.

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