Septic Tanks Require Regular Maintenance and Service

Updated 7/29/22.

When you live in an area that isn’t on a municipal sewer system, you will need a household septic tank. These tanks are easy to use and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Some people like to use an enzymatic cleaner in them every once in a while to break down the material in the tank more effectively, but it isn’t required that you do so.

You don’t need to know all about septic systems in order to use them and keep them in good condition. All you really need to know is to keep solid materials out of the tank. If you flush solid items, they won’t be broken down in the tank and you can end up with a clog in it. Most ecological septic tanks will break down the materials with enzymes and do it effectively to keep the water flowing.

How much is a septic holding tank? The price of these tanks depends a lot on the size of the tank as well as which type it is. If you have a large home with many bathrooms, you will need a larger tank n a small home with one or two bathrooms that empty into the tank.

More often than not, people overlook the usage of a septic tank. Few people ensure the proper maintenance is done every year. Counting the wastewater and approximating if the septic tank is full is difficult. However, some signs will indicate your septic tank is full and requires emptying. Many local septic companies are blocks away from where you live. Emptying the septic tank is expensive and involves professionalism to ensure a clean job.

Professionals know all about septic systems and some tricks you can use to avoid blockages and to file up. Also, ecological septic tanks are a norm in many households because they are environmentally friendly. A professional will ensure that no accidents happen by sealing the septic tank appropriately. A household septic tank should be positioned some meters away from the house structure and slanting. If you think your household septic tank is filling up, you can search how much is a septic holding tank.

Technology will give you most of the answers if not all. One needs to search with the right keywords to get the correct information. Different websites have different variances; hence you can generate an estimate that will help you constantly check how much your septic tank can hold. Also, another way to know is by checking the water bill. Most of the water used must end up somewhere.


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You have never missed an Easter Sunday sunrise service before, but this year you were working on pumping out the septic tank. You would rather be taking video of the grandkids hunting for their Easter eggs this morning, but instead you are dealing with the septic tank.
For the majority of people whose homes are on the city water system, it may be difficult to understand the maintenance that is required with home septic tanks. For those with their own septic systems, however, it is likely that you have experienced at least one ill timed emergency when you have had to stop everything that you would rather be doing and deal with needed maintenance. And while some home owners find themselves cleaning and solving their own septic tank problems, a growing number of people are contracting with a professional septic tank service.

Maintaining a Home Septic Tank Requires Regular Maintenance
In general, there are four factors that impact the frequency of pumping a septic tank:

  • the number of people in a household.
  • the amount of wastewater generated.
  • the volume of solids in wastewater.
  • the size of the septic tank.

The combination of these factors often mean that when you have a house full of company the chances of needing to work on the septic tank increase. And while this is a time consuming job that is even worse when the weather is cold, it is a job that simply cannot be ignored.
Research indicates that on average, a single family home will use 70 gallons of water a person every day. When a home is on a city sewer system the owners often have little concern for the amount of water used beyond paying the bill. For people with their own systems, however, the amount of water used determines how frequently the system needs to be pumped. On average, 25% of homes in the U.S. use a septic system. And while there are a number of factors that determine how efficiently these systems run, it is important to have some regular kind of maintenance schedule in place.

And while regulations may vary by state, in Illinois all piping more than five feet from a building’s foundation used for moving waste water be considered part of the septic system.


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