Looking for Modern Furniture in Washington, DC?

Dc contemporary furniture

Looking to redecorate or enhance the style of your home? Come down to Georgetown and add some modern flare to your living space! Did you know that “modern” furniture means any furniture made in the late 19th century and forward based on modernist design principles? Think of furniture that is more geometric and made of novel fabrics and other materials. If you live in or around Washington, DC modern furniture we sell could be what you need.

“Modern” is just a stylish twist on old favorites. The sofa dates back to at least 2000 BCE in Egypt! More recently, the sofa has also been known as a “divan”, “Chesterfield”, or a “davenport”. In the medieval era, only kings and nobles were allowed to sit on chairs. Everyone else sat on a stool or the floor! Now our modern furniture DC can make high style seats are available to you to make your home your personalized castle to show all your friends and family.

Style is constantly evolving, so much so that the US furniture market is $63 billion per year. Stay current with contemporary furniture dc. Entertaining is important and an eye catching home with attractive, comfortable furniture is essential for it. Our DC modern furniture will add the flavor you need to your home.

Come down to Theodores in Georgetown for our DC contemporary furniture. We have been helping the people of Washington keep style in their homes with Dc modern furniture for over 40 years and we are sure that we can help you, too. Our long standing commitment to and work with the finest in American and European modern furniture for nearly half a century has given us the expertise we need to get you the best DC modern furniture most suited to your taste.

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