Learn More About Energy-Efficient Upgrades From Tankless Water Heaters to Mini-Split AC Systems

More and more households are choosing to upgrade their plumbing fixtures and other appliances to be more energy-efficient. In addition to reducing energy usage and waste, this also saves homeowners money on their overall bills. Tankless water heaters and high-efficiency air conditioners are just two of the upgrades that homeowners are choosing.

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

In order to have access to hot water, most households within the United States have some type of conventional water heater. These older models, however, tend to consume up to 30% of a household’s overall energy usage and budget. Even though some households may use more hot water than others, upgrading to an Energy Star certified tankless water heater can save on energy and overall costs.

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts. If a home uses up to 41 gallons of hot water on a daily basis, for example, tankless water heaters have demonstrated that they are 24% to 34% more energy efficient. These water heaters are usually able to provide two to five gallons of hot water a minute. Furthermore, they also have a greater life expectancy than conventional water heaters. When properly maintained, most of these heaters will last longer than 20 years.

The Benefits of High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

bout 66% of homes within the United States have an air conditioning system. In order to keep these operating, American homeowners spend over $11 billion a year. When these systems are well-maintained, they tend to function optimally and have a reasonably long lifespan.

Some homes, however, may have older, less-efficient, air conditioners. When homeowners switch to high-efficiency air conditioning systems, however, they can reduce their energy usage by 20% to 50%, which is significant. This also means that their overall costs will be reduced as well.

Contact your Local Contractor for More Information

When you contact your local residential plumber to learn more about having a tankless hot water heater installation, it would be a good idea to also discuss other ways that you can create a more energy-efficient home. This includes repairing basic household leaks and other plumbing issues.

Before the weather warms up, for example, you may be interested in scheduling an air conditioning service. If you have an older unit, for instance, your HVAC contractor will be able to assess its condition to determine whether it is in need of maintenance or repair. At this time, your contractor may also recommend other air conditioning services. Just one of these air conditioning services may include a discussion about the benefits of replacing your old unit with a mini split AC system.

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