Keep Thieves Out of Your Business With Commercial Door Locks

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It seems that replacing doors and locks is one of those things to put off. There are more pressing matters, like a leaky faucet that’s running up the water bill each month, or a broken stove, resulting in TV dinners for weeks in a row. An old door, as long as it opens and shuts, may seem like the last of a person’s concerns. But consider how devastating it would be if someone were to easily break into your home while you were away and take or damage your hard-earned stuff. Some people already know what this is like.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or both, nothing is more important than keeping your assets and the people you care about safe. We would all love to live in a world where it isn’t necessary to lock our doors, but that simply isn’t the case. Each year in the U.S., more than two million residential burglaries are reported. That’s one break-in about every 13 seconds.

But not only homes are at risk when it comes to burglary. Small businesses in the U.S. and around the world have their goods–and perhaps their money–stolen as well. While incidents such as these can never be 100% avoided, several measures can certainly be taken to protect one’s personal property and business.

Commercial Door Locks

The main line of defense for preventing unwanted people from entering your business is a good door with a good lock. This, of course, seems obvious–and it should be. After all, we keep our precious items and emergency cash locked in a safe, just like we keep ourselves and our belongings locked inside our homes. What is less obvious, however, is staying up to date on how effective the locks and doors we use are.

There are many types of commercial door locks, and each year the technology becomes better and more secure. Some businesses stay old school with padlocks. While these locks are generally effective, those with powerful and special tools can find ways to cut these locks off. Padlocks with shrouded shackles can resolve this issue, however. Deadbolt doors are common and effective. There are three types of deadbolt locks–single, double, and thumbturn.

Beyond padlocks and deadbolts, there are doors with knob locks, lever handle locks, wall mounted locks, and more. You’ve probably encountered most, if not all, of these types of doors and locks in your lifetime. All of these locks require different types of keys and different methods of opening and locking the door. There are also locks that require number code, password, or other type of personal identification. A reliable locksmith can tell a business owner all about the different options and help him/her decide which type of lock and door is right before installing a door.

Strong, functional doors are essential to the safety of one’s property. Business owners must concern themselves perhaps even more with this reality, since so much is at stake. Locks should be changed every few years to ensure their usefulness. Commercial door locks and commercial replacement doors can be easily installed by a professional, and the cost of this service is more than worth it, considering how much could be lost without it.

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