How to Upgrade an Old Septic Tank

In this YouTube video, GroundStone WasteWater Services looks at crucial things to remember when considering or performing septic tank repair. Anytime someone feels they cannot complete the septic tank repair independently, they should think about reaching out to a qualified septic tank repair professional.

Older septic tanks are not fit with effluent filters that prevent solids from escaping the tank and passing out into the leach field.

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Modern sewer tanks are.

The older tank should be thoroughly cleaned out, and the intake water sources shut off. Separate the outlet pipe into two sections. Clean out the outlet pieces of old biomass.

Remove the baffle from the old septic tank by drilling into the necessary places—clean around the area. Install the effluent filter where the baffle used to be. Install a larger sewer pipe around it for the edge of the opening to be extended outside the tank. Place concrete around the sewer pipe with wire mesh to stabilize it, but do not close the hole over the effluent filter. It should stick above the ground.

Replace the outlet pipe. Cover the top of the new effluent filter with a properly fitted lid.

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