How to Lower Your Household’s Energy Consumption and Bills From LED Lighting to Solar Panels

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A large percentage of the energy generated within the United States is used for lighting. According to statistics released by the Department of Energy, this amounts to about 22% of the total amount of electricity generated in this country. The average family within this country, for instance, spends around $2,200.00 a year on their utility bill. This typically amounts to 2.7% of their income. There are a variety of ways in which households can lower their energy usage as well as their monthly bills.

Lower Your Energy Consumption With LED Lighting

Many homes throughout the United States use standard halogen lighting. LEDs, however, are much more efficient. They use just 15% of the energy that is required by a halogen light. Furthermore, LEDs can also provide as much as 85% more light.

Lower Your Energy Consumption by Unplugging Devices

It’s not unusual for many people to leave their electronic devices plugged in all of the time. Even though these devices may be unplugged, they continue to use 75% of a home’s energy. When computers, televisions, and similar devices are unplugged when not in use, this can lower a household’s electric usage and bills.

Lower Your Energy Consumption With Reduced Temperature Settings

Heating water consumes about 13% of a household’s electricity. This amount of energy usage can be lowered when you reset your hot water heater between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cost of home heating can also be reduced, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. When households replace their old thermostat with one of the new energy-efficient programmed thermostats, this can make a significant difference. When these thermostats are properly programmed, homeowners may be able to save up to $180.00 a year on their bills.

Lower Your Energy Consumption With Solar Panels

Since you’re looking for workable solutions to lower your energy usage and electrical bills, have you considered having solar panels installed? On average, these can potentially save you $84.00 a month on your electricity bill. Furthermore, when you install solar panels on your house, you’ll also be reducing your household’s carbon footprint. This can amount to an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

Contact Commercial Electricity Services to Learn More

If you’re looking for more tips on how to maximize your energy usage and further reduce your bills, contact your local commercial electricity services for more tips. In addition to providing you with information on how to lower or otherwise improve your electric bill, your electrical contractor can discuss a variety of energy solutions with you. Once they’ve visited your home and evaluated your energy consumption, commercial electricity services contractors may suggest lighting retrofits, solar PV systems, and other valuable energy-saving projects.

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