How to Build Your Own DIY Towing Dolly

Towing dollies are necessary for many due to their work or hobbies, but expensive to buy on the market. In this video, the process for creating your own reliable towing dolly is described.

In order to build a dolly, the main skills and equipment required are those that would allow a person to measure, cut, and weld metal. The material used can be repurposed from old trailers or other equipment.

Video Source

It’s generally stuff that would be relatively easy to find in a junkyard or other place that sells scrap metal.

The presenter demonstrates a good way to measure the required space to put between the two pieces of metal that the tires will rest on. He put two boards snug under either side of the wheel of the biggest vehicle he would possibly want to tow. Then he measured the distance between the board and decided to add an inch or two to be safe.

The whole process can be accomplished in a matter of hours. Watching the video will give viewers a good idea of what they will need in order to make a cost-saving, reliable towing dolly from scratch.


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