How to Build a Fence Yourself on Budget

Everyone loves their privacy, and one of the best ways to create a secluded backyard is to install a privacy fence. Fence installation can be a tricky process that professionals can do, but if you are on a budget, then installing a fence is something you can do.

In this video, we learn some of the basics to installing a fence. The first thing you should do is lay a line around the perimeter of the backyard so you can visualize where the fence will be.

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This also helps put the stakes in a straight line so it looks nice.

When putting in a post, it is important to dig deep enough. It is recommended to dig about three feet or 36 inches so the post will not wobble. Then, wet the post with a hose and put it into the hole. Once it’s in the hole fill the rest of the hole with cement for it to mix together and dry. This ensures that the post won’t move anywhere.

Everyone does love their privacy and a nice big fence can create that. Follow these simple tips from the video and install your fence soon!


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