How Do You Replace Interior Doors?

Replacement doors are easier to install than you think. With the right high-quality replacement doors and a few hand tools, you can replace all your interior doors. You can get it right the first time by following these tips.

Get Your Tools Ready

To make installing replacement doors easier be sure that you have all your tools ready to go. You will need a chisel, a drill, drill bits, a plane, and a hammer.

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You also might want to keep some wood glue on hand in case of any mistakes.

Your First Step Is to Remove Your Old Door

Making sure that your replacement doors are going to perfectly fit starts with taking off your old door. You will use your old door as a template for your new door. You should check your new door against your old door to measure the thickness. If the new door is thicker than the old door, you will use a plane to shave it down.

Let’s Chisel Out The Hinge

Using the old door as a guide, you will chisel out the spots where the hinges will fit. Use a chisel and power drill to prepare the replacement doors for the hinges. Pre-drill the screw holes after you chisel out the space for the hinges.

You Are Almost Done

Once you have the hinges set, it is time to hang the door. Hang the door to check for an accurate fit. After you check for fit, it is time to take the door back down. Replacement doors come unfinished, and it is easier to paint them when they are off the frame.

Use a paintbrush to paint all the detail work first, then you can use a roller to finish the job. Make sure you use two coats of paint on each side and the edges. Let the door dry in between coats.

Next step is to add the doorknob and rehang the door. With a little pre-planning and using your old door as a template, replacement doors are easy to hang and deliver the function and aesthetic that your home deserves.

Enjoy your new doors and take pride in knowing that you did this for your home yourself.


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