Home Gardening Is Making A Comeback How To Promote Mental Wellness With Your Own Flower Bed

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Gardening is how we get in touch with our roots…literally!

For as long as humanity has been around we’ve shared a loving relationship with Mother Nature, growing food, decorating our homes and encouraging flowers to bloom. In today’s modern times it can be easy to lose sight of this simple act. Some people can’t even remember the last time they went on a stroll in the forest! When you want to slow down your heart rate and embrace a new hobby, gardening is the way to go. You can grow your very own tomatoes or just decorate your windowsill with colorful flowers.

To Eat Or Not To Eat

Creating the garden of your dreams means asking a few basic questions. Do you like tomatoes? How about squash or corn? There are a ton of delicious vegetables you can grow in your own backyard, perfect for sprucing up your kitchen and having a few things to brag about on Instagram. Soil for gardening is designed specifically to encourage the fattest and happiest vegetables when they sprout, providing your seeds with all the nutrients and minerals they need. The two basic features you need to consider are both fertility and texture.

With proper care you can expect to see your tomato plants bearing fruit (yes, tomatoes are actually a fruit!) in two months.

Cheer Yourself Up With Some Flowers

Perhaps you’re less interested in growing your own food and just want to give your surroundings some cheer with a few flowers. Your local landscaping supply store will more than have you covered in this regard, as flowers are a perfect addition to anyone’s mental health budget. Healthy soil should contain around 45% minerals, 25% water and 25% air. The rest are organic matter, ranging from tiny microorganisms to crushed plants. Having a few plants or potted flowers in your home has been linked with improved mood and even cleaner air.

Popular indoor plants include orchids, flowering maples and violets.

Improve Your Home’s ROI

Did you know you can improve your home’s ROI when you install a new garden or plant new trees in your backyard? Yes, it seems like these gifts just keep on giving! Landscaping has been proven to increase your home’s resale value by nearly 15%, meaning it will be more appealing when put up to market and have a shorter wait time. Spending just 5% of your home’s value on landscape projects can boost your ROI by 150%. Smart choices can be a new tree by your window (perfect for reducing noise pollution) or installing a new flower garden to boost your curb appeal.

Your landscaping supply store can give you potting soil, topsoil and even some decorations like sea shells for landscaping if you’re feeling fancy!

How To Create Powerful, Prosperous Plants

Let’s say you’re new to the landscaping supply store. What should you start buying? Easily the most important element for a happy plant is good soil. You’ll want to become familiar with all the different forms of soil for your particular venture so you can expect steady growth instead of wilted stems. Most plants require a pH level in the low acidic to neutral range (think 6.2 to 6.8, about). You can test the soil with these handy little strips at your landscaping supply shop. Mulch also comes in two types — organic and inorganic — and a few cleverly placed rocks can reduce the chances of weeds.

Nobody becomes an expert overnight. Just like your upcoming garden, you are filled with potential for growth!

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