Heres How to Clean Your Gutters By Yourself

It is possible to clean gutters by yourself without having to hire gutter cleaners. The video above shows the tools needed to keep gutters clean and water flowing effortlessly. In addition to cleaning them, ensure they are fastened to the house well. Some tools required for the job are a step ladder, buckets, nozzle spray, and spray washer.

Video Source

Wire hooks, latex gloves, and additional gutter materials are also necessary.

Set up the step ladder strategically to reach as many of the gutters as possible. Remove large twigs, branches, and leaves by hand. Have a bucket nearby to throw in all the debris. Any dirt stuck in the gutters can be scooped off. With most or all of the large pieces of the grime removed, clean it with water.

Spray water onto the gutters with the spray nozzle. The rapid pressure of the water will remove the rest of the dirt. Confirm the amount of water sprayed in while cleaning pours out at the opening. If it doesn’t, there is a blockage. Clear blockages in the gutter by pouring water into it from the outlet side. Nozzle spray water into it to confirm that it is no longer blocked.

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