Getting the Best Landscaping Job

Many different things come together to form the perfect home. The walls should have good insulation to maintain climate control, the windows and doors should not be drafty, the roof must be maintained, and the inside decor can be set up for the owner’s needs and personal style and tastes. The outside of a home, however, includes not just the siding and the roof, but everything in the front and back yards, and the maintenance and design of this area is often known as landscaping. Landscape ideas are nearly limitless, given how it can involve trees and flowers, walkways, outdoor lighting, and larger features such as a koi fish pond, a swimming pool and its accessories, a hot tub, a patio, or even an outdoor kitchen, complete with tables and chairs for dining. Landscape ideas are often limited only by the homeowner’s budget and imagination, although some building codes for items such as swimming pools may also have to be taken into account. What landscaping services can a person hire to max out their property’s appeal, and how can landscape design and construction be done for the best cost? The landscape design process can be fun and convenient if done right.

Why Pursue Landscape Ideas?

Landscaping service is central to a property’s financial health as well as the amusement and decor it all provides for the homeowner. Fruit trees or patios or outdoor kitchens not only serve their own purpose, but it can boost a property’s resale value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. The resale value of a property may be boosted as much as 14% based on landscaping, and some 90% of real estate agents urge homeowners to invest in landscaping work before they put their homes on the real estate market, so landscape ideas can be not just fun, but a good business move. Many everyday Americans have similar attitudes about landscaping for the front and back yard: around 83% of Americans say that having a yard is important, and among those with a yard, 90% have said that the yard must be well-maintained, with this being a major priority. Everyone seems to agree that landscaping is central to a property. What features can be considered for landscape ideas? What is best for a homeowner?

Landscape Designers and Their Ideas

Many surveyed American homeowners and landscape designers have figured out general trends for what landscaping features are the most common and popular. For example, the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trend Survey showed that the three most popular outdoor structures include pergolas, decks, and arbors, and the same survey found that fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor lighting, and internet connectivity outside are also highly popular.

The exact landscaping work that a homeowner undertakes may be based on budget, household size, local climate, and frequency of visitors, as well as personal skills. Someone living in a cold part of the country, such as Maine or Montana, might not invest in an outdoor pool, but a hot tuber may be appealing, while a homeowner in Nevada or Texas may get much more out of a backyard pool. A skilled chef can get a lot out of an outdoor kitchen and can serve friends and family with outdoor tables and chairs, although investing in outdoor appliances and the tables may be costly. Those more passionate about gardening can set up flowerbeds or shrubs, and the plant species involved may be based on both personal taste and local climate and the season, so no plants suffer from being in inappropriate temperatures or levels of sunlight. A fruit tree can also be visually appealing and not only provide fruit, but can be a site for a tire swing. Low rock walls, pathways, outdoor lighting, and more can accentuate an outdoor garden or flowerbed.

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