Can You DIY Your Outdoor Brick Oven?

Who doesn’t love pizza? A lot of people can eat pizza all day and be happy about it. Now, having pizza cooked in outdoor brick ovens is elevating the already amazing feeling of eating delicious pizza. It is possible to build on your own.

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You and your family can even do it together.

First up, getting your measurements right. Prepare the area in your backyard that will be used for the oven. Make sure the floor is leveled and that all the materials you will need are ready for use.

You can either use concrete or clay in your backyard oven. This will depend on your preferences and depending on this, the next steps will be different. The design of your oven should also be thought out. You may want to try a dome-shaped oven as it makes cooking pizza easier because this design will allow for better hot air circulation and quicker cooking.

Not all homes have outdoor brick ovens, and contrary to what most people think, this addition to your home is not too difficult to build. Learn more about the step-by-step guide on building your outdoor brick oven in this video.

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