Air Condition Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning is one of those things we take for granted — until it stops working. Then you find out how busy air conditioning services are and may have to sweat it out for days until a technician can arrive. Here are some easy tips from Word of Advice TV on how to keep air conditioners humming.

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Before It Starts Getting Really Hot

If you live in areas where icicles fall onto the outside air conditioning unit during the winter, you need to cover the unit. Icicles can cause considerable damage. Just remember to take the cover off before starting the air conditioner when temperatures rise. Also, check that the circuit breaker for the air conditioner is on. Many people turn that circuit breaker off for the winter and forget to turn it back on. Change the air filters regularly. Old filters can rip apart and get caught in the delicate machinery.

Wash Outside Unit

The sides of outside air conditioner units quickly get covered in dirt and debris. These blocks needed airflow to the condenser coils. Regularly check the outside unit for dirt. Turn off the power. Hose it down with water to remove dirt, grass, leaves, and other debris. Avoid power washers since the force of the water can damage the unit.

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