A Freelancer’s Guide to Home Office Organization

As the number of freelance and remote employees in the U.S. continues to grow, creating a productive home office space will become a priority for even more Americans. But it’s not enough to merely establish that office space; you’ll also need to organize your home office to maximize your efficiency. That may seem like a difficult task, but there are actually a number of ways to make your home office work better for you. Here are just a few to consider.

Choose Your Desk and Keep It Uncluttered

Regardless of your industry, it’s likely that having a functional and attractive desk space is a top priority. Whether you require a large table with no bells and whistles or a more contained unit with built-in shelving, you should do your research and find the desk that makes you feel ready to take on anything. Then, you’ll need to make a commitment to keep it clean. The average U.S. executive wastes approximately six weeks every year just searching for important documents that have been lost in clutter. You’ll need to clean up your clutter on an ongoing basis and devise a comprehensive filing system. If you don’t, you may resort to piling up papers all over your desk. You won’t be able to find anything or even work with all that mess, so make sure you can actually see and use your desk each day.


Designate and Divide Into Zones

A lot of remote workers find their focus improves when they’re able to divide their workspace up into specific zones. Think about the tasks for which you’re responsible during an average day. You may spend a certain amount of time on the computer, a couple of hours on the phone, and part of your day conducting research or doing a brainstorming session. Whatever those duties are, you should consider dividing up your office space into little areas that serve each of those purposes. Then, invest in some of the best home office organization products (like shelving, storage cube systems, and multifunctional furniture) that will help to support those tasks. This can help to divide up your day and help you tackle every item on your daily list without becoming overwhelmed. Plus, it can get you out of your chair and keep your creative juices flowing.


Keep it Comfy and Well-Lit

You can’t be expected to do your best work if you’re in pain or are struggling to see. Before you organize your home office, you’ll want to ensure that it’s furnished properly first. That means you’ll want to get an ergonomically sound desk chair and a comfortable sofa. You might be inclined to cut corners here, but you should actually consider buying more high-end pieces. The more comfortable this furniture is, the more likely you won’t mind spending time in your office. If you’re constantly apologizing to clients for the uncomfortable chairs or you’re dealing with an aching back after working for a few hours, you aren’t going to produce your best work. You should also bring in as much natural light as possible and supplement with energy efficient artificial lighting. You can’t be expected to be productive in a dim room or with lights that hurt your eyes. Make sure your home office is a place you actually want to be in!


Add Wall Inspiration and Function

When you go to organize your home office, you may realize that you have very little floor space to work with. If your office area is on the small side or you simply want to maximize what you’ve got, you need to go vertical. Add some shelving and hooks to bare walls to hold tools, books, files, and knick-knacks. This can keep these items off your desk and even allow you to put a unique spin on decorating. You should also add a large cork board or bulletin board to highlight important deadlines, remind yourself of special quotes, or tack up some sources of inspiration. If you’re able to mix decorative elements with ones that actually make your job easier, you’ll be much happier and more efficient.


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