4 Common Types of HVAC Maintenance Issues

The first type of air conditioner was invented by a man named Willis Carrier in 1902. Since this time, many people have grown to depend on HVAC systems for temperature controlled air throughout the year. It’s great to be inside of your home when an HVAC system is working properly. Unfortunately, almost everyone will deal with HVAC issues throughout their lives. Therefore, it’s wise to learn about what could be causing the HVAC problems you’re dealing with. Here are four reasons your HVAC system isn’t working properly.

  • Torn or Otherwise Damaged Air Ducts

    Throughout your residence, ducts allow air to travel freely. However, these ducts are made of materials that are prone to wear and tear. If your ducts endure enough damage, it could affect airflow throughout your home. This often causes people to leave their HVAC systems on for longer, increasing their energy bills. Fortunately, an HVAC maintenance professional should be able to find and fix damaged air ducts.

  • Dirty Air Filter

    Fortunately, certain types of HVAC maintenance tasks don’t require a lot of work. If you’ve been noticing HVAC issues, your air filter might be to blame. You’ll likely need a step ladder to access the air filters in your home. Experts recommend changing your home’s air filters once every six months. If you don’t feel safe taking care of this task, contact a company that performs HVAC services.

  • Thermostat Issues

    Another reason you’re experiencing HVAC issues could be due to your thermostat. Certain types of thermostat problems are easy to repair. For instance, many common thermostat issues are taken care of by placing new batteries in this device. However, it’s important to remember that thermostats require electricity to operate properly. Therefore, you could be dealing with a more complex type of thermostat problem. If you want to ensure this problem is taken care of, contact an HVAC maintenance professional. If you want to reduce the impact of costly heating and cooling bills, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat. Research shows that these devices are able to potentially lower your heating bills by up to 10%.

  • Worn Down Internal Parts

    It takes many working components to keep an HVAC system working properly. Therefore, many of these internal parts will wear down as time passes. It’s wise to avoid taking care of this type of work on your own. You could risk seriously injuring yourself. Instead, contact an HVAC repair company for help with this problem.

In closing, there are several reasons why people experience problems with their HVAC units. It’s understandable to feel stressed out while dealing with HVAC issues. Research shows that heating and cooling make up for about 48% of all energy usage taking place in an average home throughout the United States. Therefore, it’s understandable to want to avoid HVAC problems that could cause your energy costs to rise. If you want these problems taken care of, it’s wise to find a company that provides HVAC services. This allows HVAC contractors to find and fix any problems taking place in your home or business. In turn, you’re able to save time and effort while avoiding potentially injuring yourself.

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