13 Tips to Turn Your Small Bathroom Into a Luxurious Space

If you have a small bathroom that you are planning to renovate, you are not alone. Bathroom renovations are very popular around the country. About 90% of homeowners who are remodeling their spaces say that they plan to work on at least one bathroom in their home. Small bathroom makeovers can make the space seem larger and more luxurious.

  1. Heat the floors. This can feel like the ultimate in luxury living. It is always nice to step out of a bath or shower to a warm floor. It also helps on cold mornings when the tile has chilled overnight.
  2. Make the switch from a tub to a walk in shower. As much as soaking in a hot bath after work can be a very relaxing experience but when you have a bathroom that is too small for the space a walk-in shower can make the space seem larger and give your showers a bit of their own luxury.
  3. Add seating to your shower. When you are working with local bathroom remodeling contractors on your small bathroom makeovers, work with them on the design of the whole room. You may be able to put some seating in the walk-in shower. This can add luxury as it can be relaxing to sit with the water spilling around you.
  4. Use a glass door. This makes the space seem larger and can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom area. To make this space even more special, customize the look of the glass. You have a number of options.
  5. Use the same tile in the shower in the rest of the room. You can have your bathroom remodeling contractors extend the tile pattern throughout. This will give the room a more completed look. This can become the backsplash on the sink, too.
  6. Use a different tile in your shower. There are many tiles you can choose from. Some are more comforting to the feet than others. This can also change up the look of your entire floor.
  7. Make sure all of your hardware is the same metal and style. One thing that does not say “luxurious bathroom” is mismatched hardware. For small bathroom makeovers, this is even more important because of the small proximity into which everything is placed.
  8. Skip racks and use hooks instead. You can get some decorative hooks upon which you will hang your towels.
  9. Put in a special vanity. These used to be just cookie cutter type furniture but now you can get something really special. You do not have to go with traditional bathroom vanities. Working with your home bathroom remodel contractors to put something you find at an antique store or you can repurpose some other piece of furniture that was used in another part of your home.
  10. Make your medicine cabinet a luxurious one. A lot has changed in the world of the medicine cabinet. There are truly fun and inspired ones on the market today that look great. These can be made to be flush with the wall or get one that can be mounted or hung.
  11. Do not forget your windows. The window dressings in small bathroom makeovers are important because they can close in or open up a space. You have a ton of styles, textures, colors to choose from. Lighter colors for your walls and the window coverings work better in small spaces because they open them up rather than doing the opposite.
  12. Hang some art in your space. Just because it is a bathroom does not mean some art will not work. Adding a mirror on the opposite wall for vanity can make the room look larger. Interesting photos or paintings can also add a personal touch.
  13. Add a great shower head. There are some out there make you feel transported to a spa. A waterfall shower head is great to use after a long, stressful day at work.

Small bathrooms can be as luxurious as larger ones. Adding custom lighting and even aromatherapy dispensers and candles can add to its feel. With some creative energy and effort, your space can be a great place to relax and wind down, any time of the day.

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