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I’m Eric Brophy, a carpenter and homebuilder with 16 years experience doing the job right, the old-fashioned way. What they used to say is true — measure twice, cut once. If you plan out a project from the start, with blueprints, a bill of materials, the whole nine yards, you may seem to be wasting time at the start, but it’s time saved on having to do the job again when it just doesn’t fit. Whether you’re building in the city or off the grid, ground-up or touch-up, I can guarantee you’ll find home improvement tips for your next DIY project at home.

Achieve Your Pool Dreams With These Perfect Pool Deck Materials

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Your pool deck should be a stand-out feature of your backyard while also ensuring the safety of your family as they use the pool all summer long. Two options that are both aesthetically pleasing and family-friendly are flagstone and pebble paving pool decks.

Flagstone Pool Decks

Choosing flagstone for your pool deck or patio gives it a very natural look that enhances landscaping and architectural features. The flagstone tends to be broken into larger chunks than pebble options and is flat on the surface. Although the stones are flat, their texture makes them slip-resistant, ensuring the safety of any accident-prone family or friends. Depending on your region and availability, this stone can be made of sandstone, limestone, quartzite, granite, or porphyry. When flagstone is broken up for paving, it transforms into a wide assortment of shapes and sizes including squares, rectangles, triangles, and anything in between. When they’re fit together, it creates a puzzle-like design that’s sure to make your pool deck stand out.

Pebble Paving Pool Decks

Any quality paving company knows that pebble paving is an increasingly popular option for pool decks as they are more interesting than plain concrete but still easy to repair and replace. These stones are much smaller than flagstone, creating a busier pattern that looks like one continuous design as opposed to flagstone’s separated shapes. The textured surface provides great traction for walking on the deck.

Maintain Your Pool Deck By Maintaining Your Pool

You want your pool deck to last for many years. The best way to ensure its longevity is by properly maintaining your pool.

  • Test the chemical balance of the pool water at least one time per week.


  • Wait until the pool water’s pH and carbonate alkalinity are in an acceptable range to chlorinate your pool.


  • Use a bristled pool brush made of nylon to clean the stones around and in your pool. Brushing away any dirt and debris immediately near the pool is important in maintaining the water’s quality.


  • Don’t panic if pebbles come loose during the first few weeks of installation. This is normal while your new deck settles.

When you install a flagstone or pebble paving pool deck you’ll be staying on trend, as 38% of homeowners who upgrade their patios, pathways, driveways, and terraces use gravel and crushed rock, according to the 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study. And to make sure your pool deck lasts for years to come, call a trusted paving company for installation and repairs.

The Power of Elevators and Their Installation

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Modes of transportation are typically outdoors, anything from cars and trucks to railways, airplanes, and freight ships on the ocean’s sea lanes. But sometimes, an overlooked avenue of transportation is indoors, or intra building transportation. Escalators, stairways, and elevators are three of the biggest arenas of indoor transport, and while stairs are static and involve no moving parts, escalators and elevators require the right infrastructure and power to operate, and they can make transportation of people and items fast, convenient, and safe, especially in taller buildings or when a load is too big for a staircase. Commercial elevator installation and residential lifts can make intra building transport manageable, and hiring the right contracts can ensure that the job is done right.

The Proliferation of Elevators

There are plenty of reasons to contract a company for commercial elevator installation, or to hire maintenance crews for existing systems. For one thing, th

Why Your Hose Might Matter More Than You Think It Does

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From the flexible garden hose to the industrial hose, many people don’t realize how many varieties hoses come in. Of course, any hose manufacturer would be able to tell you, but the average everyday person probably doesn’t think too much about it – that is, until they have use of said hose. And after all, there are more purposes of hose usage than one might think, and each is likely to require a different type of hose, ranging from the flexible garden hose to the sprinkler hose to the regular water hose.

For instance, most people associate the hose with gardening. And this is certainly a valid association, as the watering of plants and flowers and grass is absolutely essential if you want your garden to thrive – or even just stay alive. For the watering of flowers or even vegetables, it’s likely that you’ll have use of a flexible garden hose that does the job.

However, did y

How to Install Upper Kitchen Cabinets

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Owning a home is a major accomplishment for most people. Considering that, you’re likely to want to show your home off to others. However, an outdated kitchen might be preventing you from achieving this goal. Therefore, you might be thinking that it’s time to update the cabinets in your kitchen. In fact, statistics show that kitchen cabinet demand throughout the United States is estimated to reach $17.1 billion by 2021. You can even choose to paint your new cabinets. A recent study found that nearly 47% of millennials prefer to have the classic look of white kitchen cabinets. Before you have renovated cabinets, these items will need to be properly installed. With that in mind, here is how to properly install upper kitchen cabinets.

Creating Outline and Placing Support Boards

The first step you’ll want to take is to ensure that you’re working on a level surface. After you’ve created a level space, place your support or ledger board along the wall where you’ll be working.

Engaging Gutter Cleaning Technicians to Carry out Regular Garter Maintenance

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Owning a home can be an extremely pleasurable experience. Homeowners can enjoy excellent quality of life and peace of mind with their families and their homes. All the creature comforts that you would have wanted can be enjoyed at home with access to all the basic features and amenities that are essential for a comfortable life in this day and age. However, being a homeowner can also bring with it a number of important responsibilities. There are a number of things around your home that need proper maintenance and care. Taking care of these things can add significantly to your comfort and peace of mind. However, neglecting these things can bring different kinds of problems that can seriously hamper your home living experience. One of these areas that can very easily become neglected is your gutters.

Having a comfortable home life is made possible by all the systems in your home working in tandem and creating an environment of comfort and relaxation. It is easy to understand why yo

Which Tree Diseases Are Most Common?

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As a homeowner, you may or not realize the important role that trees play in your landscaping. Tree root systems are major players in soil retention; trees provide shade for children and pets on hot summer afternoons; trees act as barriers against wind, snow and rain for houses in rural environments. From fruits to paper to the very air we breathe, trees are essential to our environment.

If you are updating the landscaping in your yards or just want to do a little good in the world by planting one, you may be bombarded by the variety of factors involved in browsing trees for sale. Do you want a tree that is hardy, similar to shrubs, and can withstand harsh winter weather, or one that has beautiful flowery blooms? Do you want a tree that yields fruit or prefer something more low maintenance?

No matter what the factors in play are in your decisions, you definitely want to educate yourself in tree disease and avoid trees that are vulnerable to disease. The effects of tree diseas

Repainting Your Office? The Color You Choose Could Impact Your Energy Efficiency

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Color is known to have a psychological impact on the productivity of your employees and the buying behavior of your customers. In fact, using the color blue strategically throughout your business not only helps keep employees alert but also makes consumers feel they can trust you.

But it’s important to remember that the colors you choose to paint your business can have an impact on other factors as well. Like your business’ energy efficiency.

How does paint color impact energy efficiency?

Dark paint colors can absorb between 70% and 90% radiant energy from the sun. This means that the rooms (or even the outside of your building) with these paint colors will stay warmer throughout the day.

This might seem great during the cooler months. But during the summer it can rack up your energy bills because of how hard your HVAC system will need to run to keep the building cool.

What colors are recommended for painting?

It’s true that lighter colors reflect heat, which can help your business maximize its energy efficiency. But dark colors aren’t always bad for your business.

For instance, darker colors can still be energy efficient when placed in a room that has no exterior walls and fewer windows.

But there are many other factors to consider before choosing a paint color for your business as well. Darker colors can make certain rooms feel smaller whereas lighter colors make the room feel larger.

Additionally, employees and consumers may feel more at ease in rooms that are lighter in color but warm in tone. This is because the lighter colors can make your business feel open, bright, and inviting.

If you do decide to choose darker paint colors for your business, it’s recommended that you use the right shades on your windows. Black-out shades can help keep the heat of the sun from being absorbed into your office space.

Who can I call for air conditioner repair?

Everyone needs to keep cool during the summer months and warm in the winter. That’s why the HVAC industry has grown 2.6% every year since 2012.

Whether you need an HVAC repair or an air conditioner installation for your place of business, Even Temp is the HVAC service Wichita Kansas knows and trusts. To learn more about our HVAC system installations and repairs, contact the HVAC service of Even Temp today.

How to Adjust the Climate Control of Your Grow Room to Increase Yield (Part Two)

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In the last article, the lighting and temperature of your grow room climate control were covered.

Too much lighting, or too little, can hinder yield. Lighting also produces heat, which often leads growers to miss their 20-degree window. You should heat your grow room between 65- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit, but with the heat produced from lighting, you may only have to worry about cooling. The larger the operation, the less efficient small-scale cooling systems such as window air conditioning units become.

In this article, you’ll learn about the air flow, humidity, and carbon dioxide of your grow room.

Keep Air Moving

Proper air circulation is extremely important to your crop. Still or stagnant air can introduce mold, which can quickly kill your crop (not a situation you want to be in). Airflow can also help your plants grow stronger stems and branches. When your plants soak up the water through their roots, the water travels throughout the entire plant. The water that isn’t absorbed by the plant is evaporated via pores, just like the ones you have on your skin. The evaporated water hangs in the air that surrounds your plant. If it stays there, it’ll keep your plant too moist and cause mold and fungus build up. Sometimes all you need is to run a few fans, other times your solution may be more complex — especially if you’re using an air transfer system.

Humidity Control

Air movement brings up humidity control, which is a huge aspect of climate control. The transpiration rate of your plants, which is the process of evaporation that was just mentioned, can be influenced via humidity control. Unfortunately, controlling the humidity in your grow room isn’t as easy as it sounds and is completely different than, say, the flood and drain hydroponics systems you might be using. Lower humidity levels, as in those under 20%, can actually stunt plant growth by depriving the plant of necessary hydration. Smaller operations might be able to get away with a residential dehumidifier could work just fine, but a larger operation might require the expertise of an experienced grower to help you get set up. You can look into commercial dehumidifiers to help you control humidity, but you’ll need to figure out how much humidity is required for your setup first.

Carbon Dioxide Levels

Because the necessary CO2 levels can vary depending on the other aspects of your climate control, CO2 is one of the nutrients that you consider as a part of climate control. Too much or too little CO2 can affect your plant growth just like any other nutrient, and things like time of day/night, and growth phase can dictate how much you need. Often, growers use compressed CO2 on a timed-release, while others are more sophisticated and rely on electronic sensors. You should always consider your CO2 as part of your climate control, as well as a supplement in flood and drain hydroponics.

Each grow room will be a little different depending on what the variables are, as well as the preferences of the grower. As a new grower, you should welcome the advice of seasoned growers and invite those with experience to help you set up your operation.

Need equipment to run flood and drain hydroponics? Do you need netting, mesh, cloners, and more? Then check us out today.

Choose the Right Local Moving Company for a Smooth Moving Experience

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Every once in a while, a situation might present itself which would require you to move from where you live currently. Moving is something that can bring with it a lot of hassles, especially if you have a lot of belongings that you want to take with you. You might be compelled to move because you got a better job portfolio in another town or because you bought a better house in another city. No matter what reason compels you to move, it is always important that you take seriously the little details and challenges that moving can present and try to find the right way to do things so that all your belongings reach their designated destination without any damage and add exactly at the right time. Working out the logistics of moving can take careful planning and execution and this is where the right local moving company can really come in handy.

Companies that offer moving services carry out the all-important task of helping people set up base in a new city and in the new house by tak

Destructive Animals In Your Home? Don’t Risk The Spread Of Bacteria And Call For Rodent Control Instead

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Winter is on the way. You know what that means?

Plenty of destructive animals looking to escape the cold by using your home as an outlet. While you may do your best to sweep up the floor and pad out the corners in your room, sometimes your best efforts still see a squirrel or rat sneaking through the cracks. Destructive animals do more than just creep you out. They can nibble on your wires, steal your food and expose you to all sorts of harmful parasites and bacteria. Removing these animals on your own is also not recommended under any circumstance, as a single bite could put you in the hospital.

It’s best to leave a squirrel infestation to the pros. Here’s what you should know if unwanted rodents show up in your home.

Squirrels Are Just As Pesky

While most people think of rats or mice when it comes to pesky rodents, squirrels are just as frustrating. These critters can lose as much as 25% of their buried nuts to thieves when attemp