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Why You Should Protect Your Hardwood Floors

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You take your floor for granted, walking all over it and expecting it will always hold you up and protect you and your family. If you’ve got hardwood floors, though, whether it’s just for preference and beauty or to increase the value of your home, you need to be thinking, “Why should I protect my floors?” If you want to protect your investment, keep your floors holding you up, and enjoy looking at them for years to come, you need to consider the ideal paint for hardwood floors, the ideal treatment for hardwood floors, and what you can do every day to protect your flooring.

  • Why should I protect my floors: because moisture is a killer. When you think about the wet and your floor, you’re probably most concerned about things that get spilled on it from above. And while that’s definitely something to avoid (and to clean up immediately if it happens) your floor can get moisture damage from more than just the toddler’s sippy cup. Changes in humidity levels in the s

The Average Home Spends Over 50% Of Its Energy Usage On Heating And Cooling How To Save Money

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The hot season is in full gear. Is your air conditioning unit up to the task?

Heating and cooling are some of the biggest drains on the average American energy bill. They’re also an unavoidable part of a comfortable home. This even extends to the building construction company and small business that needs to keep the air clean on a constant basis. When you’re noticing a spike in your energy bill, or just want to make sure you’re not losing more money than you’re making, it’s time to contact your local air conditioning services. They can make some keen recommendations on your situation and figure out whether or not you need a new installation or some simple repairs.

Furnace, boiler or air conditioner, your local contractor can handle it all.

Energy Consumption In The United States

Whether you’re a building construction company tryi

Why You Need to Maintain Your Home in the Summer with an AC System

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If you’re like most folks, you yearn to stay cool when the summer season hits. If you have a new AC system, this is generally not a problem. But what if your system is in need of updating or you need a new one installed? That’s why it’s important to find a local HVAC company that can help you stay cool in summer weather. Learn more about the important reasons you need air conditioning before summer heat hits.

If Your Unit is a Decade or Older, It’s Time to Replace

If you have an AC unit that is over a decade old, consider getting a new one. most units only last for 10 years, 15 at the most. When you’re dealing with a system that is older than that, certain components do not work as well. For example, the dehumidifier doesn’t suck out as much moisture from the air, and you may need to run the air for a longer period of time to cool the house. When you have a newer m

How to Protect Your Baby Before She’s Even Born

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You’re expecting a baby! Congratulations! No doubt you’re getting the room ready, prepping the grandparents, and arguing about baby names. As you think about the colors that you want baby’s room to be, and how to provide a safe environment for your new little one, have you thought about how the paint your using could harm them? Here’s why you need to get non toxic paint for crib use, and for everything in your baby’s new room.

Understanding the Problem

Many paints, including that used for painting furniture in the baby’s room, contains Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. High levels of VOCs can cause a lot of problems for people with chemical sensitivities.

A Swedish study on dampness in buildings and its effect upon health found that exposure to PGE (the chemical compound VOCs particularly found in common household paints) doubled the chances that children with allergies would develop allergies to other things over time. The children in the study who lived in home

All the Facts On Color Matching

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Every single year there are people in the United States that get ready to own their own home. These people will be tasked with decorating their home all throughout the interior and exterior. This includes getting furniture, developing a layout, and finding the right colors. Thus, it is quite easy to understand how color matching has become very important.

Color matching can separate a great home from a home that you will not like. The exterior floor paint, ceiling paint, floor paint, and paint coverage all must be matching or at the very least coordinated. Plus, this helps you get paint that does not contain dangerous chemicals and allergens. Take time to find the best color matching paint for your home.

People Love Color Matching

If your flooring

Does Your Home Need Repairs Due to Water or Termite Damage?

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In order to keep their houses well-maintained, homeowners know that it’s important to take care of minor repairs and upgrades as needed. These basic home repairs are intended to take care of normal wear and tear as well as to address potential issues. Partial or entire renovations may be required, however, when a house has sustained water, termite, or other types of damage.

Home Repairs Needed Due to Water Damage

There are varying degrees of water damage that can occur due to burst pipes, inclement weather, or other causes. On a daily basis, the industry estimates that 14,000 people in the United States alone experience some type of emergency that involves water damage. This occurs in people’s homes and at their places of employment.

It only takes about three hours, for exam

Why Green Deisgn Uses ICF for Home Construction

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Nowadays many home owners, architects, and builders looking materials for constructing homes that are energy efficient, strong, healthy and green. They may be surprised to learn that such a material already exists, and can be used for floors, walls, and outdoor use such as decking. This wonder material is ICF or insulated concrete forms, and it has been around for over sixty years. ICF concrete is durable, breathable, and fire, moisture, and termite proof. In addition, it costs less than most other commonly used building materials. All of these factors make it a suitable material for home construction.

What is ICF?
The first ICF was made of foam and was built in 1966 by Canadian contractor Werner Gregori. ICF blocks have been used in the developed world for sixty years, though foam has been largely replaced by other insulating materials. Continue Reading No Comments

Septic Pumping and Why It Is Important for Your Sewage System

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Home is a place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed and have access to all the amenities you need to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying quality of life. All homes consist of a number of important systems which need to work together seamlessly and efficiently to create the home living experience. Your water supply, your electricity supply, and a number of other important systems need to be at a great health if you want to enjoy a superior quality of life at home. One of the most important systems in your home is the sewage and septic systems that take care of all of your household waste. The importance of this system cannot be overstated as it not only helps you process all the waste that is generated at your home on a daily basis but also to get if properly treated by beneficial bacteria so that it can be disposed of properly.

As a homeowner, you might not be fully aware of the importance of having a septic tank in your home. Daily living at home generates a lot of waste an

How to Avoid Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repars

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How frequently do you care for your air conditioner? It may be an appliance available in 84% of homes, yet all too often it seems that air conditioner maintenance is rarely prioritized by homeowners. While it can be difficult to keep track of all the little jobs around the house, there is an easy way around this when it comes to your HVAC unit which is to utilize air conditioning services. Simply put, if you cannot find the time for maintenance, you’ll be finding air conditioner repair services instead.

How Can I Prevent Excessive Air Conditioning Repair Costs?

Every appliance will need maintenance at some point. Many owners choose to replace a smaller appliance when it breaks down after years of service. When it comes to an air conditioner though, replacement is not exactly cost-effective. So while air conditioning repair will be necessary eventually, regular maintenance can help keep the machine in relatively good shape.

Here’s What Your Air Conditioner N