What to Ask a Roofer

In this video, you will learn about a roofing contractor. Here are some questions you should ask. As you are going through the steps and interviewing, these questions should be asked.

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Asking them their office address will give you an idea of how legit their business is. The next question is to ask their contractor license number. Having licensing is important. If they are not licensed, he cannot pull a permit. Ask if they have workers comp insurance. If they do not have insurance, you as the homeowner can be liable. The next question is if they require money upfront. A legit contractor will be able to pay the bills without any money upfront. Will you help me pay my deductible? This is another question to ask. Roofers in the area cannot pay this for you. If they say yes, that is a red flag. YOu should discount them right there. Ask them if they have a satisfaction guarantee. Is there any way for them to redo it? There are a lot of questions you could ask. If you are interested in learning more about roofing contractors, keep watching this video for more information.

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