What a Basement Waterproofing Service Can Do For You

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If you’re experiencing frequent draining problems in your basement, it may be time to see what a basement waterproofing service can do for you. This article will break down the basics of what waterproofing your basement looks like so you have a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

The basic function of a waterproofing service is to install a drain tile system to move water away from where it’s collecting to a pump that will carry it out of your house.

The first step is to jackhammer around the floor about 18in from the wall. Then the contractors will dig a trench with a slope towards the location where the sump basket will be installed.

Holes are drilled into the concrete blocks of the foundation. These are hollow and may be carrying water. The water drains into the trench system around the floor.

The sump pump and basket are set in place with dual discharge, in case you want a battery powered back up system later. This gives you more pumping capacity.

Drain tile is set into place with PVC pipe. Gravel is installed as a filter. Then a diamond drainage board is installed over everything.

This system is a simple but effective means of protecting your house from flooding and other water damage problems that may cost you more in the long term than installing waterproofing.



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