These Fun and Useful DIY Projects Are What to Do When Bored and Depressed at Home

We all have to deal with the blahs at some point. You know the dreaded boredom monster has arrived when you’ve watched every good movie on Netflix and you’re pacing back and forth between the fridge and the couch. It’s okay, though; you’re not the only one dealing with this. We all have periods of boredom, and once we’ve settled into one, it might feel impossible to break out of it.

Switch gears to some fun and useful DIY projects you can do in your home instead of succumbing to the temptation of crawling into bed and wallowing in your feelings. Whether you are experiencing boredom or attempting to manage your depression, these DIY projects are what to do when bored and depressed at home. Most of them cost nothing or require only basic supplies.

Redesign a Room

One thing that could give you a pick-me-up is redesigning your room. You can use your creative juices to come up with a new design, or you can find inspiration from magazines or online. You can also talk to a friend or family member who is good at design and get their opinion.

Redesigning your room is a great way to make your home more stylish. You can also learn new skills while you’re doing it. Here are some of the fun things you can do to redesign your space:

Painting Your Room

Painting your room is what to do when bored and depressed at home. With so many color and design options available, you can choose something that will reflect your personality and style. You can get inspiration from interior painters on YouTube or your favorite home makeover show.

Improve the Lighting

A significant way you can change the ambiance of your room is by improving the lighting. This DIY project is perfect for setting a relaxing or romantic mood. To do this, you can buy new light fixtures or simply rearrange the ones you already have. Candles are also a great way to improve the lighting in your room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Rearranging Furniture

You can make your room look fresh and new by rearranging your furniture. This DIY project is easy and fun; you can do it without help. If you want to make your room look more dramatic, you can paint your furniture with others colors. You can also mount some of your furniture on the wall, such as lamps, jewelry holders, and bookshelves.

Play with The Décor

Home decor is a way of setting a cheerful mood in a room. If you are a minimalist, stick to the essentials by reducing your accessories. On your bedside table, place a vase of fresh flowers, a candle, a piece of art you admire, and some photos of your loved ones. Avoid congestion by limiting yourself to only one or two items.

Repair a Broken Window

You can do a glass repair as a fun and useful DIY project when trying to fight boredom and depression at home. It is a great way to stay busy and can be very rewarding. You’ll need to gather a few tools and materials before you get started, but you can find everything you need at your local hardware store.

First, clean the glass and remove any debris. Next, you need to measure the window and cut a piece of glass to fit the opening. Once the new piece of glass is in place, you need to secure it with caulking or weather-stripping. Repairing a window is what to do when bored and depressed at home.

Teach Your Pet a New Trick

Teaching your pet a new trick can be a fun and easy way to break the boredom and depression cycle. It can be a great way to spend time together and have a lot of fun. There are a variety of tricks you can teach your pet, and you can choose the one that’s best for each situation.

If you’re new to pet-keeping, or if your pet is a little old, there are a few things you need to know before you start training. First, you need to establish some rules. It would be best always to be consistent with your training and never hit your pet.

If your pet is a dog, you can offer it some dog obedience training such as sitting, shaking a paw, and staying. You can teach your pet to fetch and stand if it is a cat. Teaching your pet these fun and useful tricks is what to do when bored and depressed at home.

Educate Yourself by Reading Non-Fiction

Reading non-fiction should be another fun and useful DIY project in your what to do when bored and depressed at home. It wasn’t from reading a Harry Porter book that Tesla Motors’ founder, Elon Musk, picked up his expertise in electric vehicles.

The game-changing innovator didn’t have anyone teach him about space travel, so he read up on the subject and taught himself. Several of the most successful people in the world read dozens of non-fiction books annually.

Non-fiction is a great way to learn new things and can also help you feel more connected to the world around you. By reading books, you can learn about history, current events, and other important topics such as awareness of implicit bias and how to start a successful business.

You can also find inspiration in non-fiction, and you can gain knowledge that you can use in your own life, breaking your everyday life monotony.

Give Your Hair a Makeover

If you’re bored and looking for a fun and creative way to add some pizzazz to your hair, you should try a hair makeover. Whether you’ve been rocking the same style for decades or just a few weeks, you might be ready for a change.

If you’re wondering if it’s time for a new style, know that you can change your hair whenever you get the urge. If you think your current appearance is boring, it’s probably a good idea to try something new.

There are various hair makeover options available, and you can choose the one that’s right for you. Some common hair makeover techniques include hair coloring, hair extensions, and hair styling. You can find a variety of hair dye colors and styles at your local beauty store, and you can also find hair extensions and styling techniques online.

If you opt to color your hair as a DIY project with natural hair dyes, chances are you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. For instance, if you want your hair to have an orange or reddish hue, try using carrot juice. Use coffee to make your hair a few shades darker or hide some greys. Lastly, chamomile tea can lighten your hair color, especially if you are blonde.

Try a DIY Manicure

If you have been confined to your house and are bored, you’re likely browsing your Instagram feed and wishing to get the means to get your nails glammed. Doing a DIY manicure is what you do when you are bored and depressed at home to give your hands and nails a new look.

Now, you might be thinking, “No way am I going to attempt a DIY manicure! I lack the necessary talent, creativity, and originality.” But this isn’t true! While you’d prefer to go and get your salon service and have a pro take care of it, you can just use some of the nail products and polishes you have at home, and voila! Try these:


Press-on DIY manicure kits typically come with a wide variety of sizes to pick from and a sticky bottom that keeps them in place for far longer than the old-school glue-on ones. There is a wide variety of styles to pick from, and setting it up is a breeze.

Nail Polish

Simpler is better. Nail polish is another low-cost choice. Regular polish will not harm your nails and allows you to experiment with new colors. It’s also simple to repair any cracks or bubbles that may appear during the application process. A wide range of color options are available, and you may play around with various patterns to find one that suits your style.

Nail Strips

Nail strips are one of the simplest methods of doing your manicure, although they are still relatively new on the market. They’re as simple to peel, apply, and file as press-ons and come in a wide range of sizes. So, this do-it-yourself manicure option is great because it requires no drying time and is easy to apply.

Research Local History and Tall Tales

At some point in your life, you have heard a tale about an ancestor who met a famous person, made some amazing achievements, was a war hero, invented a time-saving technology, or otherwise brought honor and distinction to the family name.

Perhaps some “black sheep” family members with questionable reputations or pasts. These stories are typically told from one generation to the next, and as a result, they may have undergone some changes as they are passed down.

You might also have heard stories of ghosts and ogres that existed back in the day. This information can be researched in the comfort of one’s home using free and easily accessible online resources. Local history and tall tales are what to do when bored and depressed at home as they offer interesting information about historical people.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Do you know that it is possible to print your t-shirts at home? Inkjet printing, an iron, scissors, and print transfer paper are all you need to get started. Once you have these items, you can use design software such as Photoshop, Canva, or Adobe Illustrator to prepare your image. Iron your 100% cotton t-shirt, then transfer it to a printer.

You should then use printer-safe transfer paper. Print the tee on the printer, then press it. Put something sturdy, like cardboard, on the table instead of using an ironing board. Finish the transfer, then re-iron the t-shirt.

DIY t-shirt printing is what to do when bored and depressed at home. It is far more affordable than ordering from a store or online.

Find the Best Online Shopping Deals

It’s fantastic to shop online from the convenience of your couch. In other words, you no longer need to stand in shopping malls for hours to get your hands on the newest electronic device or kitchen appliance. A few simple clicks now bring up some of the best shopping deals online.

While finding a good deal is always exciting, it can be detrimental to your finances if you aren’t attentive. Before going after those deals, check and compare prices with other stores. Look for promo codes and always clear your browsing history and cookies to avoid dynamic pricing.

Always pay attention to buyers’ reviews and consider the shipping cost and return policy for the best online shopping experience. Finding the best online deals is what to do when bored and depressed at home.

Make Clay Jewelry

Earrings made of clay are stunning, on-trend, and simple to create. If you are just starting out in the art world, air-dry clay is a fantastic choice because it doesn’t need to be put in the oven before use. You can mold the clay into any desired form without much effort, and since you’ll be using simple, spherical forms in your craft, aesthetic concerns about their appearance are unnecessary.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials from custom jewelry designer which could be helpful throughout the process. Making clay jewelry is what to do when bored and depressed at home, as it is fun and artistic.

There are plenty of DIY projects that you can engage in to kill boredom and manage depression at home. Try out any fun and useful activities above and set yourself free from the shackles of boredom and sadness.

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